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  • 28 Mart 2013, Perşembe 14:31

Turkey terrific fighter jet project

Turkey terrific fighter jet project
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Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, Turkey's aviation and aerospace industry, told us about the future projects.

Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar Ministry of National Defense in 2023 that they aim to produce fighter aircraft to replace the F-16s.

International Aviation and Space Conference (ICAP ) 2013, Military Academies Command began. The two-day conference, making a presentation at the opening of the English Defence Ministry of Defense Industry Undersecretary Murad Bayar, Turkey's aviation and aerospace industry, told us about the future projects.

F-16s instead of

members of the press, answered the questions for the provision of conference Bayar,"my presentation during the conference, we F-16 airplanes to replace the conceptual design of a new fighter aircraft are doing right now. Right now this is our work. started this project last year. two-year pre-conceptual design phase, the aircraft will do. passed and is currently in a few derivatives of design began to mature. The goal is, by the end of this year to complete the conceptual bill, then we will submit a project to the Defense Industry Executive Committee have. proposal of this project, will be a proposal for the development of the aircraft. goal right at the next 10-year period, ie, the Republic will make its first flight in the 100th, and it will also be available after the plane. This is a fighter. F-16s to replace. Yeah, you know, we have F-35'te partner of the consortium. Here are two of the aircraft will be different roles. Someone a technical expression, but the air-to-ground roles, will be one of the air-to-air roles. Therefore, we will develop aircraft to replace the F-16 will be an air-to-air aircraft. These aircraft will complement each other,"he said.


Bayar, Gokturk-2 Uydusu'nun the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) reminded given the use of the TSK asked how to use the satellite"These are the earth observation satellites 14 times a day. these satellites taking pictures. TSK to be used for intelligence needs. Therefore, each transition is given certain tasks and certain areas will be provided to take photos. these photos in the Air Force, Armed Forces be used for operational planning. The first images were taken,"he said.

Turkish design Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Studies on the development of ANKA questions about the capacity of Bayar is over, uçağın'turboprop'yani turbine-engined, high-performance model was developed, noting:"Right now ANKA piston-engined aircraft, there is a certain altitude and bearing capacity. turbine engine, in fact, a jet engine, much higher altitudes, to reach high speed and high bearing capacity. Yesterday ANKA is a 1.5 ton aircraft. these ANKA, offensive ANKA, say, a 4-ton air plane will be the next stage in its carrying capacity, capabilities, sensors will be much more advanced than him. This , an important goal of the coming period,"he said.

Turkey terrific fighter jet project" comments for.


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