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  • 03 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 16:13

Turkey, unregistered stock in the Aral Sea Disaster

Turkey, unregistered stock in the Aral Sea Disaster
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Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency President Dr.

Ankara news: Serdar Cam , the health of the people injured in the disaster in the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan was reported to do aid in the agriculture and livestock projects . TIKA President Dr. Photo Serdar Cam , last week, \"Development of Cooperation to Mitigate the Ecological Disasters result in the Aral Sea Region\"on to participate in international conferences and made ​​a working visit to Uzbekistan in order to realize the opening of a number of projects . One of Photo Uzbekistan government by the largest environmental disaster in the world Aral Sea drying to draw attention to the purpose of the international conference held in Urgenc , 1960, before the fourth largest lake in the Aral Sea today wrong agricultural policies in the world , urbanization and 8 is 700 thousand square kilometer fell from 68 thousand square kilometers due to unconscious irrigation was specified. < br/> Conference from 30 countries, a number of senior government representatives and scientists as well as the United Nations ( UN ), the UN Development Programme, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation , was attended by many representatives of international organizations such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank .
< strong> Aral Sea dISASTER international actors discussed Photo Uzbekistan First Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister rustamazimov's , President of Uzbekistan and International Interval Recovery Fund ( UAKF ) Chairman of the conference began with the reading of the message of Islam Karimov , December Lake water volume was noted that the last 50 years, 14 times reduced. Photo Uzbekistan, due to remain under the influence of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the Aral Sea disaster , health care, the shade along with climate change primarily of people in order to be brought by the desertification problem , economic, ecological, and social issues was emphasized that such encounter many problems . Said moved from being a disaster national and regional is expressed has become a global problem , there was an emergency call on the international scale.
< Strong> NOT TRAGEDY THE WORLD REGION at the conference on the invitation of Photo Uzbekistan government TICA President Dr. Serdar Cam , speech , began Turks and saluting spiritual and scientific largest of the Islamic world , especially in Uzbekistan .
Conference , decision-makers and development actors is not the only area of their attention to the world's largest , which has become one of the tragedy of the Aral Sea is very helpful and on behalf of the withdrawal of the disaster over an event that expresses TIKA President Dr. Serdar Cam , disaster remediation and the management of limited water resources in the region in order countries and the international community stressed the need to act in an intense collaboration . Photo HIGHEST COMMITMENT FOR TURKEY Aral Sea DEN Photo TICA President Dr. Serdar Cam , which they saw as civilization's resources in Central Asia and Uzbekistan , they are ready to give every assistance in Turkey, in this context, \"Aral Sea disaster \"and said they would make the necessary help to combat emerging diseases. In Photo District Urology and Oncology hospitals that will do to help projects in the health field , especially TIKA President Dr. Serdar Cam , before the additional 10 provinces with the aid also noted 10 mobile clinics means that they will grant. Also for the development of animal husbandry in agricultural land use and activities in Photo Uzbekistan $ 1 million budget they will allocate said TICA President Dr. Serdar Cam , \"Assign to our country with debt of gratitude we are planning about $ 2 million budget allocation in the context of the restoration of the joint in our history and our civilization works at the buttom \"he said. Photo TIKA a budget among a total of 8 to 10 million dollars for projects in Uzbekistan Pine stated that they foresee the separation , this figure is the highest amount that is committed to the conference , Turkey said that the track of this commitment the World Bank and other donors. Photo Ikramov'< strong> Turkey EAT yOU Photo Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Ethem Ikramov , know well the history of the country where the conference took place , and he said they are grateful for the conference because of the concrete supports Turkey . After the closing session with TICA cooperation protocol was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture .

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