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  • 23 Şubat 2014, Pazar 12:50

Turkey was the bartender How to Marry in the UK, Had Agenda

Turkey was the bartender How to Marry in the UK, Had Agenda
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UK 16-year-old girl named Jaydene Roberts met 21-year-old Emre in Marmaris Khan to marry to escape to Turkey, was raised in the British press.

Londra news:  In the UK 16 years Jaydene Roberts's daughter in Marmaris where he met 21-year-old Emre Khan to get married by fleeing to Turkey, the British media agenda was.
Dailymail newspaper,"16-year-old daughter's holiday had met at a bartender allowed to marry you please give?"In the news under the title, with Emre Jaydene the beginning of the love story and told. The stories in the newspaper Jaydene first vacation in August for the past came as soon as I first saw Emre in Marmaris started. According to the narrative of Jaydene young girl with her family to help them get off the bus when he saw the Emre. Then start talking with Emre's father stating that the young girl came to him one day the young bartender,"Can you add me on Facebook!"And stated that their friendship began. Emre's a good friend of bilateral Jaydene to ask out if the relationship with the union began.
Jaydene returning to England at the end of the second week here was to sever its connection with Emre. Emre's very little English, while Jaydene despite knowing almost no Turkish couple continued to talk over Skype and Facebook. Learning event Jaydene's family opposed the relationship, especially their daughters. Girls and Emre speak with a British passport who believe that the purpose of her family did not approve of the relationship. Emre's marriage proposal, but realized the seriousness of the event along with his family who knew they were wrong then.
Meet again after a few months is coming to Turkey Emre Jaydene began living with the family. Islam, info about trying to learn Jaydene arm Promissory a tattoo by signing Emre and his love tried to show.
The British press, speaking Emre the Jaydene very fond of stating his many Turkish girls is different from that stated. Stating that the love of family Jaydene Emre stating that you wait for your lover to change your religion can dress as they wish and are able to act stated. Now, the only problem is the military record Emre Emre Jaydene the military has said that it is sad because it will go.

Turkey was the bartender How to Marry in the UK, Had Agenda" comments for.


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