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  • 05 Haziran 2013, Çarşamba 12:40

Turkish Airlines' most infectious jingle removed

Turkish Airlines' most infectious jingle removed
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Turkish Airlines (THY) background music, 'We are Turkish Airlines, We are Globally Yours' melody is no longer used.

composed and written by singer Sertab Erener performed by Nile jingles, from June 3 to the end of the sponsorship agreement removed all the places used.


Airport News in the most important job in the world according to the news and culture magazine Monocle, 'the infectious jingle' melody selected as the airline used in several products. Is very popular jingle, Turkish Airlines' brand melody had been since February of 2010. Turkish Airlines flight details, security jingle used as background music in the film, was removed from there.

THAT jingle

Airlines' cabin with teams warned,"Sertab Erener Security for the movie sponsorship deal with the end of the fund's music tapes and vidolardaki sang Sertab Erener 'Globally Yours' jingle removed. Changing the background music tapes today and tomorrow, the new aircraft will be installed by Turkish Do & Co staff. Aircraft digital IFE system installation is complete. Within 3 days of the old cassette tapes on the plane that the installation will be completed at the end of this period, the staff of Turkish Do & Co given case must be requested and a new tape "the statement said.

Turkish Airlines' most infectious jingle removed" comments for.


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