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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 09:49

Turkish and Greek Business World to Meet in Izmir

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Trade and the development of economic relations between Turkey and Greece, the discovery of new possibilities of cooperation and the two countries to new business contacts established between the private sector in order , the Ministry of Economy and coordination of the Foreign Economic Relations Board ( DEIK ) in the organization , November 12, 2014 on Wednesday, İzmir Balçova broad participation in the rock Thermal Hotel will be held a Turkey-Greece Business Forum .

Ankara news: In a statement from the Photo Ministry of Economy , Business Forum , Aegean Region Chamber of Industry , Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, Izmir Mercantile Exchange , İMEAK Maritime Chamber of Commerce and the Aegean Exporters'Union , notably in Turkey Exporters Assembly with all of the countries in our Exporters Association ( TIM) recorded that gave support to the Business Forum , will join the nearly 400 senior representatives from leading companies in Turkey and Greece, the business said.
Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci , Greece Development and Competitiveness Minister Mr. Kostas Skrekas , Deputy Economy Minister Adnan Yildirim, Greece's Ambassador Kyriakos Loukakis , Foreign Economic Relations Board Chairman Ömer Vardan Jihad , Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Chairman Ender Yorgancılar , Greece Chamber of Commerce President Konstantinos Mihalos and Enterprise Greece President Syngros M. Aristomenis business forum participants by expressing their appeal
\"Business Forum in the tourism , hospitality, construction , construction materials, energy , renewable energy, alternative energy sources , real estate, maritime industry, transportation , logistics, food and beverage, agricultural products, machinery industry, machinery and equipment, information and communication technology , electronics industry, chemicals textiles and apparel , leather products , medical equipment , pharmaceuticals, cosmetics , gifts, car accessories , consultancy, law firms, financial services, baby products, furniture , and will place business makes Greek companies in the printing industry, \"the statement said. Photo November 12, 2014 , which will begin at 11:00 am on Wednesday under Turkey-Greece Business Forum , which is a business and investment in other countries, companies stating they will tell their success stories said:Photo \"noon will be held and attended by all the company representatives who attended the Business Forum after working lunch bilateral business meetings (B2B meetings ) will be made. In this context, 550 is expected to be carried out over two job interviews .
Trade and economic relations between Turkey and Greece gained significant momentum in recent years with Greece in 2002, about 902 million dollars in bilateral our trade , in 2013, an increase of about 6 times 5 is increased to 6 billion dollars. Greece's exports to Turkey in 2013 Photo 1.4 billion, while imports from Greece was realized as 4.2 billion dollars. On the other hand , as the first nine months of 2014 , our trade volume with Greece was approximately $ 4.2 billion . Increasing mutual investment in our bilateral economic relations with Greece Photo also represents an important point . Currently, there are 591 units in our country-owned firms operating in Greece . Greece's FDI stock in Turkey today surpassed the dollar as 6.7 billion .
On the other hand , the Business Forum, will perform variable's recently spent after our country's structural adjustment in terms of being the first international event of this size also has a special feature .
the other hand, in terms of the nature and extent of such facilities in Izmir has to offer when determining the location of an important organization is the only place . \"

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