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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:57

Turkish Aquaculture Parara the Kazakh Opened

Turkish Aquaculture Parara the Kazakh Opened
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Turkish aquaculture , the 17th time this year in Almaty city in Kazakhstan organized the World Food Kazakhstan has attracted great interest in the Food Fair.

Aydın news: Photo approximately 240 companies attended the fair had 7 Turkish company . If the Fisheries Fisheries Promotion Group (STG ) was represented . STG stand Consul General Subhi Ata Almaty , Commercial Attaché visited Öztürk and Osman Dervish Rare Elgin . STG was one of the most intense participation in the stand. STG booth where chefs cook Sait Merdoloviç sea bass, sea bream with smoked trout served with great acclaim . Trade was awarded the STG active participant award also stg'y in Almaty the symbol of the apple was a gift. Photo Kazakhstan , the dollar in some of the CIS countries and Russia exception and stating the highest per capita that countries with GDP and monthly charges today Kazakh economy that emphasizes the positive trend and in line with developments in the market starts to grow quality foreground Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Chairman of Union Sinan Kızıltan , \"a large part of the value added in the economy stems from the oil industry. oil production close to the west of the Caspian Sea countries concentrated in the region. Heavy industry in the north of the country situated is , constitutes the Russians the majority of the population in this region. Kazakhstan is a country where we are very good at contracting, that we want to reflect on the export of aquatic products , \"he said . Photo KAZAKHSTAN'< strong> tHE eXPORT PERCENTAGE 186 INCREASED Photo Exhibition during particularly perch, which stated that the interest in sea bream and trout Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Chairman of Union Sinan Kızıltan , \"Kazakhstan market, is a high potential form for the Turkish aquaculture . Last year, interest in since aquaculture and observe that recognition of the markedly increased , compared to the same period last year in Turkey overall exports to Kazakhstan (January-October ) , we see that so 186'lık increase occurred . Turkey in January-October 2013 , our exports of fishery products in Kazakhstan , while the general level , this figure increased to $ 246 thousand and 820 thousand dollars in the same period in 2014 increased by 186 percent . Aegean Exporters'Union according to enrollment figures , Aegean Region from when our exports first 10 months of Kazakhstan 194 thousand dollars aquaculture of 2013 , this rate has increased 86.4 percent in the same period of 2014 and aquaculture export our number reached 451 thousand dollars , \"he said Photo Aegean Fisheries and Animal Products Exporters Chairman of Union Sinan Kızıltan , Turkey and formed between Kazakhstan \"New Synergies-Joint Economic Programme \"of the positive impact of that seen in the fisheries sector , as in all sectors , he said and added:\"Economic, trade , increasing scientific and technical cooperation, the development of cooperation in new areas as well as existing areas of cooperation of the parties intends to carry out the public and strengthening the interaction between the private sector and priority areas of investment projects. Photo Kızıltan continued as follows:\"the Kazakh capital to Turkey I can say that it takes an increase of interest. in Kazakhstan , Turkish contractors so far a total of 400 projects worth $ 17.4 billion has been undertaken . Kazakh firms in recent years, particularly if their investment in the oil and tourism sector in Turkey has reached $ 705 million . Our country is still over 150 existing Kazakh capital companies . Turkey is the first destination for over 50 percent share of Kazakh tourists . In 2012, Kazakhstan became 381 thousand visitors to our country . In 2013 visited our 425 thousand Kazakhstan citizens of the country. \"Food of about 100 investors Turkish firms operating in Photo Kazakhstan, petroleum, pharmaceutical-chemical industry, construction , hospitality , health care and the total amount of concentrated investments in the defense industry field 2 , 05 billion dollars , indicating that the level Kızıltan of Turkey , in Kazakhstan in terms of capital amount of 17 in terms of large investors that, although there are investments in the energy sector in the position that ranks 4th, as STG is the world's almost every point in increasing the awareness of Turkish aquaculture and new markets ended the remarks , saying he would continue to work towards finding .


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