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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 10:35

Turkish doctor has developed trackless Breast Augmentation Technique in World Literature

Turkish doctor has developed trackless Breast Augmentation Technique in World Literature
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İstanbul news: Professor Dr. Jamal device 6 years ago developed and implemented in Turkey as \"trackless breast augmentation technique\"last year, the international medical literature took place .
Of the breast is extremely small , large or asymmetric as the structural disorders in aesthetic surgery developed various methods resort was . Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon Prof. past year Dr. Jamal marking device developed breast enlargement technique \"Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery \"published in the journal entries to the international medical literature . Professor The device used worldwide for technical training program and attending various conferences .
Breast augmentation surgery , Prof. expressing era had begun in the trackless Dr. Jamal device , breast augmentation procedure , a small incision in the armpit folds occur with , he said. Method developed by Prof. providing information about Dr. Device , \"prosthetic breast tissue in direct contact with because you can not breast or under the muscle is not superimposed . Chest muscles without interrupting the process disturbing the integrity as possible complications prevent them. These methods prosthesis muscle membrane is placed under the outside is not obvious and natural appearance emerges. Thus displaced play in question is not as cohesive gel prosthesis is used extinction risk does not exist. Moreover periprosthetic less capsules to occur in the future firmness at the prospect has decreased . surgery, endoscopic prosthesis pocket preparation and control of bleeding is done drain is not used , bras fitted bed is taken. patients postoperative one night in the hospital , to a normal life of 5-6 days can return . heavy-duty and heavy sports 3-4 weeks abstain . seat under the fascia below the anatomic prosthesis placement technique, operative time is longer and the doctor's experience because it requires fewer is applied by the surgeon , \"he said . Methods
that there is a challenge for the patient , indicating that unlike the more advantageous method of Prof. Dr. Jamal Device , \"Young and middle-aged group, the breast prosthesis armpit place, nipple extreme sagging ( ptosis ) unless you have the ideal method is considered . Turkish women, Europeans and Americans compared to the scarring to be more sensitive about the . It under the seats for the small kesilerle that occur after the procedure only in the axillary region remains , and over time the natural line between the disappearance significance disappears. Developed in 2013'Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery \"published in the journal method , the international medical literature'axillary entire fascia is covered with anatomic prosthesis and breast augmentation method'took place as \"he said .
also important to patients in the preoperative decision-making process , which advises Professor Dr. Jamal Device , \"in decision-making options a good rummage good reviews. Scenic view , breast trace the lack of long term results better and be seamless breast augmentation surgeries are important . Postoperative breast occurring on the tracks , unfortunately, permanent is happening . Hence new techniques, better search . used that type of inflatable prosthesis also should be noted that the risk of deflation , \"he said .

Turkish doctor has developed trackless Breast Augmentation Technique in World Literature" comments for.


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