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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:37

Turkish Education Sen:Izmir school principal assignments questionable

Turkish Education Sen:Izmir school principal assignments questionable
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You Izmir Branch President of the Turkish Education No. 1 Mars Iron,"Test-Based Management Assignments"Saib covered under examination was that there was an oral interview.

At a press conference on the subject

Iron, Izmir Province demanded the resignation of the Director of Education Vefa Bardakci.

oral examination of host vulnerability Hasan solid Teachers advocacy was the lead 26-29 August 2013 long iron, the statement gave the following expressions :"M ational by the Ministry of Education with the number 63385 dated 29 August 2013 article published on Assignment Manager, has led to the emergence of a new de facto situation. article, 'appointments to Do , continuing education programs in the same building or on the same garden, educational institution, individual institutions more than one code is given to staff and the principal norms of the education agency that also negatively affect teaching and learning to assign separate offices, educational institutions, the only one of the principal executive officer cadres assignment will be the norm . 'is called. This Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education on 28 August 2013 declared vacant by the staffing of educational institutions in the reconsideration of the existing institutions and norms of the same building or office for a certain period of those who opened the garden is the meaning of. this new situation, many gives rise to the formation of the problem. assignment which will form the basis during the written exam score of 70 percent and 30 percent of the oral exam score calculated according to Annex-1 Director Evaluation Form ratings, references, during the EK-1 Director Evaluation Form and the mean score on the form asking the candidates could see Appendix 1 oral exam results İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education under the left Saib."

Turkish Education Sen Branch Chairman of the situation is clearly an abuse of defending Iron,"in our province as of December 29, 2012 appointed being a member of almost all pro union branch managers, all appointments made following the June 28 renewal and associated assignments as they are members of the union, sitting in his office in İzmir Provincial Directorate of National Education have cast doubt on the impartiality of Mr Vefa Bardakci. Bardakcı At this moment the oral exam results are obvious, Mr. 's, in the face of the need to do all these actions, should think about the option to resign."she said.

Turkish Education Sen:Izmir school principal assignments questionable" comments for.


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