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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 24 Ekim 2014, Cuma 10:00

Turkish Films Week in Athens began with the participation of Famous Names

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Held in Athens, capital of Greece Turkish Films Week began with the participation of many famous people .

Atina news:
under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture , Athens Embassy, ​​Consulate General of Piraeus , the World of Mass Communication and Research Foundation in collaboration with several film screenings , the event will be between 23-29 . Movie week , the Greek Film Archive and Film Museum building, the Turkey-Greece co-production , \"I'm not her \"film screening began.
World Mass Media Research Foundation President Irfan Demirkol about the event , said Turkish cinema's 100th year due to Turkish films in Athens organized activities stated that they intended to introduce . At the opening ceremony of the cameras that most interest Hülya Koçyiğit which one of the players , \"I attended the premiere of my film I used to Athens . And the Greeks had shown great interest . Today at an event like this I'm in the same feelings ,\"he said . A short speech at the opening ceremony of Turkey's ambassador in Athens Kerim Uras, art peoples closer to each other , he said. Uras, in recent years, followed by an enormous Turkish TV series in Greece has underlined that . Shoots of the film's Felicity Al said:\"Here a very warm welcome awaited us. My presence here causes Exile film. Want to say this because I did it a different reason. We film here too no stranger tells a story ,\"he said .
Turkey movies during the week of classic Turkish films Come, Homeland Hotel , Cypress Boyle Al Yazmalım , Road, innocence and also the award-winning films such my eyes Nuru , I'm not him , Mold , Kosmos My grandfather's people , Yozgat Blues, Apartment , Butterfly's Dream , Exile films also shown will be presented .
event next Tuesday are expected to attend the Turkan Soray .

Turkish Films Week in Athens began with the participation of Famous Names" comments for.


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