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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 17:15

Turkish foreign students taught

Turkish foreign students taught
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Selcuk University (SU) was established to teach Turkish foreign students studying in Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center (SU-tomer) began operations.

Order of the organization started its activities in the Official Gazette

SU-tomer, the new academic year will begin to take its first students. The center, established shortly before the voicing will not only teach Turkish Selçuk University Rector. Dr. Gökbel Rights, the Turkish language, history, spoken and written today, anyone who wants to explore all the old and new Turkey Turkish arms was established to teach the SU-tomer, but only if requested to teach Turkey Turkish Ottoman Turkish contemporary Turkish dialects and also teach. The number of staff and the physical conditions of the SU-TOMER targets, if appropriate, to make foreign language teaching there next to the Turkish education. The aim of the organization is not the only language to teach the SU-TOMER. SU-tomer, next to language teaching have created a variety of Turkish communities in different regions of language, literature, history and culture, environment, cultural heritage and Turkish cultures and areas of research activities with the language in the hedefliyor'dedi relations.

The Turkish language and the teaching of other languages ​​of the world , the creation of teaching methods and techniques appropriate for the requirements, using the latest technologies in Turkey and around the world are aiming to become a leading institution representing the Associate Director of the SU-tomer. Dr. Mustafa Toker, the 'university students from around the world come to study. Them from the guest house to satisfy, as we tried to please send in their country. Our main duty, as a friend of their countries of Turkey send olacaktır'şeklinde said. Center from the date of 9 September 2013, specifying the web address records online Assoc. Dr. Toker, 16 September 2013 said it plans to open its doors to new guests.

Begin the admission of students in the academic year 2013-2014, the center, the various courses and seminars for students who want to teach Turkish language and Turkish culture, environment, cultures and aims to investigate the relationship.

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