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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 16:59

Turkish Health-Sen:\"Occupational Health and Safety in Health Care Situation Concerning Grave \"

Turkish Health-Sen:\
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Turkish Health-Sen Branch Chairman Irfan Tok Adiyaman health, occupational safety and health of employees on the state announced that the grave .

Adıyaman news:
press release that the Turkish Health-Sen Adiyaman Branch President Irfan Tok , polls health institutions, occupational health and safety-related employment and arrangements employees , 56 percent of corporate occupational health and safety unit was created , with 59 percent of the occupational health and safety board established whether arise , he said.
Irfan Tok , institutions occupational health and safety in the working of the representative appointed indicating whether the rate of 60 per cent , institutions, occupational health and safety expert, you're not representing the rate of 70 percent , he said .
Asina \"the survey results also quite clearly shows that , occupational health and safety institutions with regard to the necessary sensitivity does not show . staff's occupational health and safety matters not informed , awareness has not been created in is clear. Yet , safe and risk-free environment to work in every health care worker is right. this the main task of the administrator is to provide environment . Employees feel more confident in themselves, they have been working in an environment , their business will increase their motivation and will enable them to provide services in a more efficient manner . Primarily on the results of our survey of health organizations including the Ministry of Health required all institutions and organizations should get the message . Occupational health and safety should not be left only on paper . Executives must fulfill its responsibilities .
Truly about occupational health and safety institutions should make arrangements . Dummy activities workaround should not be .
Once again would like to express it , hopefully our survey all its share receives and health care for their employees healthier and safer work environments form and better working life to make arrangements , \"he said .

Turkish Health-Sen:\"Occupational Health and Safety in Health Care Situation Concerning Grave \"" comments for.


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