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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:48

Turkish Investment in Iraq Brings Award

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As a world leader in the production of building materials , Lafarge , a global supplier of over 75 different under the hood, taking into consideration the seventh rewarded.

İstanbul news: Light from Turkey Packaging \"Emerging Markets \"was awarded in the category .
64,000 employees worldwide in 62 countries and serving with annual sales volume of nearly 15.2 billion euros Lafarge , a global supplier of rewards . Light the Lights Packaging Holding company \"Emerging Markets \"category was chosen as the best supplier under . Iraq's emerging market to predict the market and produce appropriate solutions due to the prize won , the company's General Manager, Volcano mandatory received .
2013 in the second quarter of Erbil operations in the plant , Lafarge area's most important supplier was . Sociable , Lafarge custom product development , quality of raw material use , labor quality , delivery time and cost of winning this award in the large importance is emphasized .
Lafarge , this award-winning Lights Package reliable , strategic as a partner in positioning the two firms in Iraq , starting with overseas operations , future business partnerships ground started to build .
in Iraq, paper packaging , which produces two companies and Lights package rival the world's largest paper packaging manufacturer in the position. Volcano mandatory , the region before their competitors have invested a Turkish company, their vision revealed they underlined .
Mandatory addition Lafarge in the evaluation of a point pointed out:'Lights , Iraqi market the highest quality paper packaging production introduced .'< br/> Other winners in categories 6 companies , Caterpillar, BASF, Haver \u0026 Boecker , Chryso-Korsnas and Adice was Billerud .

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