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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 14:06

Turkish lessons in Germany rationale:the language of the future economy maintained strong

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Germany, Baden-Württemberg State Science Minister Theresa Bauer brought up across the state to give the Turkish course.

Germany, Baden-Württemberg State Science Minister Theresa Bauer

Turkish course given throughout the state raised. Minister Bauer, the next generation in order to better respond to the needs of students better grown stronger economies of the future would be an appropriate approach to be the dominant vernaculars. Minister Bauer, gymnasium-type schools across the state in this context, pointed out that the Turkish öğretilmediğine within the normal curriculum. The subject came up immediately after the visit to Turkey delegation, led by the prime minister of the state.

Oldest first Winfried Kretschmann headed by the Prime Minister last week, the Minister of Science Bauer, Minister of Environment and Untersteller'in Oney, including the Minister of Compliance The first delegation of 80 people found the trip to Turkey was raised. He who raised the issue after the return trip to Germany, Bauer, Turkish course introduces research on Gymnasiumlar'da taught. Minister Bauer,"In fact, so far, the absence of any very remarkable gymnasium Turkish course curriculum. Example, in Portuguese, the teaching of languages ​​such as Japanese, Turkish, correspondingly, an interesting situation is not in the curriculum."he said.

ministry, in theory, also in Turkish Chinese, Hebrew, and Japanese as well as taught in tenth grade Gymnasiumlar'da and 'late-onset foreign language as the teaching of the opinion that it is possible.

Gymnasiumlar'da Statewide, 39 thousand 500 students last year, Spanish, Italian, and 9 thousand 600 students thousand 750 students took the Russian language as the second and third foreign languages.

BW CDU-FDP coalition in power for the previous period, the SPD and the Greens 'by the introduction of Turkish as a second language curriculum that' given rejected proposals.

Turkish lessons in Germany rationale:the language of the future economy maintained strong" comments for.


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