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  • 10 Eylül 2013, Salı 08:44

Turkish Ministry of Industry inventors dev support

Turkish Ministry of Industry inventors dev support
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Ministry of Industry, university-industry cooperation projects under the 750 will support a total of 50 million pounds.

75% of the government to meet the costs of developing the inventor

product. 50 million budget, the deadline for applications is 16 September
close to 750 projects supported by the Ministry reported.

Sticky Thread Sticky

academics have produced projects for national aircraft engine, indicating the deteriorating food in refrigerators ... Technological universities knocks on the door in order to improve the product cost to the vast majority of businesses are met by the state began to San-thesis project references. 50 million pounds this year, support for working with universities and industrialists to be transferred. Thanks to the project in the heart of those who are no longer connected to the battery technology was developed MR çektirebileceği, immediately informing the deteriorating food produced in a refrigerator.

75 percent state

Today newspaper reports that the San-thesis project was launched, the application process has been extended until 16 September 2013. Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of knocking on the door of the universities within the project that solves the needs of businesses in R & D as a grant to pay 75 percent of the project cost. Ministry, the amount of this support enterprises to invest in a period of 3 months each account.

200 million in 750 projects support

Science, Industry and Technology Minister Nihat Ergun, San-Tez application for the scope of the project to date is about two thousand of them are supported by the Ministry of the project reported that close to 750. Sticky Thread Ergun, the application of the multi-project engineering, information, electromechanical-electrical, chemical and textile industries stated that to date, the project supports about 200 million pounds, he said.

Ergün also support R & D projects to be produced under the program; machinery and equipment, supplies, services, travel and personnel costs are covered by fees, the Ministry said.

Minister Ergun, the projects supported by the Ministry of the project after the conclusion of the 50 thousand pounds for overseas promotion and marketing activities, promotional and marketing activities in the country for a total of 75 thousand pounds to 25 thousand pounds would be given support.

SAN-TEZ projects


broken states that food in refrigerator

Bilkent University Professor Ihsan. Dr. Ekmel Ozbay:refrigerated perishable foods immediately notifying the user"Smart Refrigerator Project with"odor sensors to perceive corruption to be developed foods.

national aircraft engine

ITU Assoc. Dr. Onur Tuncer:National projects are being developed for the high-performance aircraft engines. This project is currently being implemented with the 1000 horsepower engine TEI framework of the project aimed to design and manufacture a prototype of the core engine.

Kocaeli University, Prof. Radar Device. Dr. Sarp Ertürk:"Radar Signal Processing Device Development Project"will be over critical areas dependent on other countries. Domestic facilities designed and manufactured military platforms (ships, aircraft, vehicles) and civil aviation, traffic control systems, radar video distribution system, which is one of the major sub-systems that will perform as a digital radar with digital signal processing device will not need to import.

possible pacemaker MR

Bilkent University Professor Ihsan. Dr. Adult Ancestors:Heart of those who are attached to the battery no longer çektirebilecek MR. With this project, the medical MRI devices

compatible implants can be expanded.

Turkish Ministry of Industry inventors dev support" comments for.


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