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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 21:58

Turkmen in Iraq Red Crescent Sends Aid to

Turkmen in Iraq Red Crescent Sends Aid to
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ŞIRNAK ( dpa)-Turkish Red Crescent , which has suffered because of what happened in Iraq for Turkmen sent three truckloads of relief supplies .

Şırnak news:
of the Turkish Red Crescent aid trucks , Habur Border Gate and the Red Crescent AFAD officers was sent off in Sinjar . TIR movement of a pre-announcement, the Turkish Red Crescent Deputy Director General Mintez Lightning, \"the Turkish Red Crescent in Iraq occurring migratory movements against the victim falling Turkmen help our brothers in order as of last week Tala El Extends Campaign has already begun . In this campaign as of last week 3 GB materials and our eight staff Sincariye , from Tal Afar Sinjar who migrated to approximately 70 thousand Turkmen brother to help has reached . Şuanda already campground carrying out activities where as our work has begun . Şuanda back you can see the 3 GB 's about 45 thousand high-calorie biscuits, 17 thousand 1.5 liters of water and three thousand pieces of blankets Telafer migrating from 70 thousand Turkmen our brother to introduce the Sinjar passengers would . these grants will be distributed to partner with a nominal tomorrow morning . Turkish Red Crescent who worked there and Sinjar District and Sincarl eight experts with local authorities will be delivered to our brothers and sisters in Tala . Our first bound aid still water , baby food, high-calorie biscuits were injured . We are now sending the same help . But without additional blankets are sending . According to subsequent requests from that place needs our assistance will continue, \"he said.
Citizens can donate by SMS to 2868 Simsek stated ,\"we have received assistance from Tal Afar in Sinjar are conveying our Turkmen brothers who emigrated . Pharmaceutical materials and with the support of the Ministry of Health with the support of AFAD to Tilkeyif As of last week , and was forwarded to the Mosul area . Sinjar in the now as serious drug shortage No , but something to be desired if you got it for the Turkish Red Crescent planning in line with the medication assistance , we will forward , \"he said .
Mosul to the north migrated , Tilkeyf region and Filter in the exposed Turkmen the work they do for expressing lightning, \"These needs will be identified over time , will be required to transfer . Our tent city related troubles in Xinjiang region , both in the region of Mosul in the north do not want to live collectively in a tent city . This is not a natural disaster , it's a conflict environment. At war, no one do not want to get involved in the field of public housing . Therefore , even if the tent cities come here k coexistence in this area no one wants . Scattered areas , mosques , schools , parks, gardens, next to the relatives for shelter tents are giving to people . Emergency food aid , which you see behind me are doing, \"he said.

Turkmen in Iraq Red Crescent Sends Aid to" comments for.


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