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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 22:24

Turkvizyon Song Contest Results

Turkvizyon Song Contest Results
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Eskisehir Turkish World Capital of Culture 2013 events organized under the 'Turkvizyon Song Contest took place in the final.

Eskişehir news: Eskisehir Turkish World Capital of Culture 2013 events organized under the 'Turkvizyon Song Contest took place in the final. The results of voting Azerbaijan was the first country selected.
Anadolu University (AU) Two September Campus Physical Education and Sport (PES) Sports Hall held the opening speech of the Minister of Education, Prof.competition. Dr.. Nabi Avci made. Turkvizyon Song Contest, a competition that means something more than just the Minister Hunter, the first contest in Eskisehir experience the thrill of performing, he said. Hunter,"Turkvizyon, our friendship, brotherhood, our affection, our, Turkvizyon; languages, agree, that unity of mind through the language of music and language is the expression. Turkvizyon Song Contest, hearts bridge between the Turkish world of sound, lyrics, music. Turkvizyon Song Contest final in our minds, our hearts to lower the different inspiration are conducted with. Our wish is that he is, this contest gelenekselleşerek nice years of the Turkish world of wealth, the universal language of music with will tell. 300 million, approaching the Turkish world, rapprochement, the embrace of the most valuable one of the floors will be,"he said.
Turkvizyon, HEART JOURNEY is a very important milestone
Eskisehir Governor Güngör Azim Tuna the speech, Bakhtiar Vahapzade's poem beginning with said:
"That's like Turks in the world in which poets write what if we tells , our songs our songs us say. all the good wishes of love eternal faithfulness be eternal. we all wish no one in his heart hearts wire breakage if you get it breaks most of our hearts, we hurt. their hearts to the these subtle way of hearts is the union. this sense Turkvizyon, unity and solidarity towards breath is our . Turkvizyon logo 'phoenix' bird planted have. us in our goal 'phoenix' mind, such as behind Mount Kaf overcome and the hearts is to enter. Turkvizyon that complacency in the journey a very important milestone. first in Eskisehir organized this singing competition more in the first year 24 countries and 300 million of our fellow on display at the combine. these contests the actual first globe of the world in a wide range of life geography gave life of the Turkish world with love, tolerance, brotherhood and unity is. We value our world no in peace and we compete. Yunus Emre As 'A man need us do not need the case.' We are continuing to produce works faithful to this sense also we produce Turkvizyon these beauties are crowned."
After the opening speeches artists from 12 countries took the stage and sang songs. Voting was passed by the jury at the end of the song. Taking to the stage during the voting Burcu Güneş 'Smell the Roses' judicial sang. 24 members of the jury voting results of the contest in Azerbaijan was the first of 210 ratings. Second place 205 points Belarus, Ukraine has achieved the third place 200 points. Maneuver Group's 'You, Me, We' song compete with Turkey, which took in 6th place with 187 points.
in the final stage of the 12 countries and representatives are as follows:
"Kazakhstan-rin'go Group, Turkey-Maneuver Group, the Republic of Belarus-Sun, Uzbekistan-Nilufer Usmanov, Azarbaijan-Farid Hasanov, Bosnia and Herzegovina Emir-Frozen Camels & Mirza, Tatarstan-Alina Şaripjanov, North Cyprus Turkish Republic-Gommalar Group, Kyrgyz-Corona Group, Altay-Artur Marlujokov, Ukraine-Fazil Ibrahimov and Kosovo-Adult Karahasan."

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