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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 17:44

Tüzünataç released

Tüzünataç released
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Clear Tüzünataç'ın came to Istanbul Police Department, who testified accused of using drugs, but learned that released the player does not accept the charges

Clear Tüzünataç'ın came to Istanbul Police Department, who testified drug accused of using, learned that the player has been released but did not accept the charges.

rejects the accusation that uses drugs Tüzünataç clear, blood and hair samples to be taken by the police, taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute. Haseki later taken to hospital after health control Tüzünataç released here.

what was lived?

Narcotics Division teams in Istanbul two weeks ago drugs on the street for people selling five provinces, organized by the Istanbul-based operations, including İmirzalıoğlu Kenan Engin Altan Flatbed, Libby Özpiriçci 48 people were detained, including artists such as with the players.

Başsavcıvekilliği of Istanbul by the suspects to court, demanding the arrest of 27, 21 free bırakılmıştı.Mahkeme, the expression of 15 of the 27 people who had decided to arrest . Operasyonkapsamında Eray Özbal, John Scott, John Bower, Zeki Yalcin, Abdülrezzak Shin, Ibrahim Bayraktar Drummer Minister Ahmet Yilmaz, Nusret Aldemir, Özhan rider, Murat Yasar, Cemil Zirek, Burhan Albayrak, strong and Mustafa Cihan Pavilions "drug trafficking "was picked up on charges.

taken into custody and sent to the court last week, the director of the operation Uluç Bayraktar, after being interrogated by the prosecutor's office, the amount of guarantee oyuncuRıza Kocaoğlu was released on 50 thousand pounds.

Tüzünataç released" comments for.


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