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  • 29 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 11:18

Twitter launched a major operation

Twitter launched a major operation
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Social networking website Twitter has launched a major operation last two days.

Twitter , a fake account a large number of followers of those accounts individually identified ediyor.Kapatılan yaşandı.Türkiye declines in the grand total comes to 600 the number of fake accounts.

Twitter, fake account first, and not the actual account in the case of passive ones, those who follow the form of the block by identifying individual accounts seized.

So far, thousands of Twitter's account was closed. The number of users who have a particularly high number of followers, followers was surprised to fall at a time. stated that this decline will continue in the closure of fake accounts. In addition, the accounts for users without an active account in danger. Because, Twitter perceive them as a fake.

fake accounts on Twitter, especially during the events of Travel Park coming up frequently. Some users fake accounts opened by spreading false news. However, many programs have been doing business in exchange for money to ensure that fake user on Twitter. Almost all of the users of these programs has provided consists of fake accounts. is estimated that Twitter launched the operation, taking into account all of these things.

twitter description

reduction in the number of followers on Twitter in recent days, especially users in Turkey for the first time about the allegations made statements to the company's CEO Dick Costolo. Answering questions from Twitter users Costolo Turkey out of the government and the opposition agreed tweet claims scorers accounts closed Sticky Thread 'not true' said.

user Sticky Thread 'Why have reached agreement with the Turkish government?' Claiming the question Costolo, do not deal with such a ' replied. Costolo, Turkey, opposing each other in groups of views expressed about the fake spam and notice that declaration, trying to clarify this issue, he added.

Turkey Twitter figures

all over the world with 500 million accounts, and it used to be 300 million active Twitter account in Turkey's 9.6 million users. Sticky Thread 6.2 million active users of these accounts, while the number of fake accounts and 600 thousand finds.

Twitter launched a major operation" comments for.


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