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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 11:22

Two Sides of the Aegean to the invention in the mansion

Two Sides of the Aegean to the invention in the mansion
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Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş , to strengthen the friendship bridge between Istanbul and Thessaloniki , \"Thessaloniki Days\"a big event called , said they want to host .

İzmir news: Photo Municipality of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki city in Greece at the invitation of outgoing Mayor Sema Pekdaş mansion and council members, 76 of Atatürk's death anniversary , at the time of the Great Leader was born in the land . The scope of the programs, Konak Mayor Sema Pekdaş and the accompanying delegation visited Thessaloniki Mayor Yiannis Boutaris in office. Which transmits the impression gained during the trip Pekdaş Thessaloniki , was found in a project proposal to strengthen Turkish-Greek relations . \"Thessaloniki Days\"record an event could be organized under the name of Pekdaş , Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also said they want to sign a partnership will bring together the two cities with the support . Salonika and Izmir underlines that have similar two cities in many ways Pekdaş , \"Thessaloniki Days will both increase the cultural and economic cooperation between the two cities, but also the dialogue that building bridges will strengthen blowing peace winds in the Aegean. We would be honored to host significant events . will be conducted through a coordinated project between the two municipalities and has a rich decorated with various activities , the people of the two cities closer to each other in the same geography and will know better , \"he said . After the visit President Pekdaş , Thessaloniki Mayor Yannis Boutaris day to commemorate the team coffee mug was a gift.


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