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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 25 Ekim 2012, Perşembe 13:35

Type the feelings of Arafat told pilgrims

Type the feelings of Arafat told pilgrims
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Farizasının pilgrimage to Mount Arafat, the most important pilgrims to vakfesi rükünlerinden Arafat, after noon prayers to begin praying and waiting, who had dedicated.

Arafat is the most important rükünlerinden

farizasının pilgrimage to Mount Arafat, the pilgrims to vakfesi, after noon prayers to begin praying and waiting, who had dedicated. Pilgrims staying in tents, as well as their collective and individual prayer Cebelürrahme (Mount Mercy) to the Taking continue to pray there.

pilgrims coming from Turkey Birol Akgun, noting that the first experience of the pilgrimage, the Prophet (peace be upon him),"five pillars of Islam, Hadith Hajj Arafat'tır1 reminds me of the sheriff. Akgun,"Morning prayer place after the pilgrims gathered for the Foundation. Everyone in the world is material and moral differences with the melting, the supreme place in the presence of God and begged to redeem. This is where mercy. All the colors of the human, stripped of nationality elements, one of the finest examples of true belief in God is alive. Our prayers bıraktıklarımıza behind Turkey and Muslims all over the world. We wish peace, tranquility and health of all humanity. We pray for those who want to come to come up with halal goods."He said.

for Hajj from Ankara to Ahmet Yalcin Transparent"It would breathe the air of the spiritual. God bless those who Gelememiş a moment ago."He said.

YASİN AKTAY:B fossils do not attack PRAYER FOR PEOPLE ARE & lt; br/> Professor. Yasin Aktay the emotions said:"We pray for all people. Prayer is the action carried out the true sense of the man himself. Know the existence of self-feeling. This man is beginning to be human. Prayers being considered here, the result of the return to the starting point of a wisdom that man."He said.

Hazelnut Aysel Turkish women pilgrims also experienced a feeling blessed, said:"My Lord, grant us in 2012 family. We are happy to be here."He said.

Eve Karakus from Istanbul pilgrimage in Mina stressed that the hacılığın. Karakus,"from there to here I'm full. I hope that my Lord will grant everyone. Disease goes."He told his feelings. Ankara also from the Sumerian Fatma said that his feelings,"I need to live. More difficult to explain. It's very, very different. Mina was very full. Us feel pilgrimage. I hope that my Lord will grant to live right here."


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