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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 11:59

Typhoon Taşdemir, told the Target

Typhoon Taşdemir, told the Target
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National Team on the basis of 3 times World Champion Band 3 typhoon Taşdemir, said he wanted to consolidate its place in the global era.

Malatya news: together with billiard athletes from Malatya Photo Taşdemir , billiards also said that Turkey was successful sporting sense . Billiards sports in the world's top 2-3 countries between Taşdemir stated that they take place , \"High quality have on the players. In various branches 6-7 We have world champions and Europe. Sporty incredible sense are successful ,\"he said .
\"TURKEY DE GREAT POTENTIAL YES \"Photo Taşdemir, expressed that there are problems in terms of the organization in recent years , \"there were problems arising from the Federation . Turkey Billiards Federation Presidency Ersan was an incredible excitement in the billiard community with the coming of the commonplace . I billiard sports I think it will come to the best place. Because Turkey has a great potential for both players in some viewers . thousands board, players , and in a sector which is the audience , unfortunately, we failed in terms of organization. But the organization will be made ​​thereafter , especially in public , I believe that we will meet many more . in terms players may come more world championships. we have very good players and can come great success of these players , \"he said .
\" GOALS I ALWAYS goes in farther to \"Photo National team on the basis of world and European Taşdemir reminding that the championship has repeatedly Turkey said he gained the championship. Photo Personal sense of successful athletes who stressed that the world's second , the words continued as follows:Photo \"Our goal , of course, always forward. No such thing as yesterday because the sport. Success you did yesterday is a knowledge and experience in the sense of arbitrariness . But sport has always today and tomorrow. My target is always to go further in . Billiards has a feature culturally separated from other sports . Information in the table unfortunately does not stop and continues every day. A sport you need to produce continuously. In this sense, billiards, a sports learning really hard and continuously to be learned . I learn constantly and my goal is to consolidate my place in the world. Individual goal is to set out a number of world-class . I have enough power for that. \"

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