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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:24

TZOB Bayraktar:\"In the frost and drought Harvest Pistachio Touches \"

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Turkey Union of Agricultural Chambers (TZOB ) Chairman of Shams Bayraktar , pistachios experienced in the frost and drought affect production , said:\"the end of March occurred donor disasters and more we live in a regional drought Pistachio production hit .

Ankara news: Harvest in the fall are welcome, \"he said.
Bayraktar, harvested largely completed pistachio in his statement, pistachio last year 88 thousand 600 tons of production this year, the first estimated according to the data of 95 thousand tons forecast that have been made in the production of last year's harvest figures below will remain is seen , that as a result prices increase , he said.
of agricultural products formalization is very important underlines Bayraktar, gave the following information:\"The price increase our manufacturers can not benefit . Our product , which owes producers are forced to dispose of the cheap price . To opportunistic , stockists , means the day is dawning. Our producers need to make money from the products grown , unfortunately, does not get what he deserved income . Consumers are forced to eat the more expensive products . Pistachio experienced in this situation is not just a phenomenon unique to this product . Our manufacturers , storage time is longer hazelnuts, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, chestnuts all such hard-shelled fruits, dried apricots, dried figs, raisins, dried fruits like these is having an issue . \"
Turkey's worldwide an important nuts and dried fruit producing countries stressed that Bayraktar, the following made ​​statements:\"in this regard, pistachio , walnut, almond-like fruit in recent years human due to a positive contribution to the health of nuts and dried fruit sector is growing continuously. In this sector, we have a voice inside that's not even a country . Quality production , increasing the supply of products in the standards required by the market if we can increase our income from exports .
Our country without watering pistachio , dry are produced. Pistachio production should be left in the traditional methods , the quality and improve the efficiency of irrigation water in order to rate saving of up to 60 percent of pressurized irrigation systems should be established. For this, our manufacturers should be encouraged , the new garden plant should be assisted .
Storage time is long pistachio in the market, quality product every moment of availability, price stability, provision and shuffling generate enough income to be able to licensed warehousing and commodity exchanges establishment is a must . The manufacturer of this work in the industry , consumers will save our country . \"

TZOB Bayraktar:\"In the frost and drought Harvest Pistachio Touches \"" comments for.


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