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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:12

UAV's News Brought voice , 14-year-old legend Found

UAV's News Brought voice , 14-year-old legend Found
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Göbün in the village district of Zonguldak's Kilimli , lost in the past days and allegedly abducted the 14-year-old legend Hunters found.

Zonguldak news: last Thursday in Photo Göbün the village, \"I go to school ,\"he's coming out and disappearing magically disappeared press home but his mother allegedly abducted by Elif Hunter 14-year-old myth busters , where gendarmes and police of his intelligence results found in a house they rented in Zonguldak said. The event took place last Thursday in the Gobi village. Allegedly, 14-year-old girl with mother Elif hunter Orion's legend in the morning \"I'm going to school saying,\"but claimed that he left the house to go to school . Thereupon the father had said Flood hunters failed to reach the girl by calling his wife Elif hunters. Then after a short time after administration of expression families family gendarmes continued to call her daughter on a television channel. The authorities to act upon the application missing the family, 14-year-old legend Caner K. Hunter is located next to the results of studies found the party . Found legend Hunter was placed on judicial departments of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies Zonguldak Child Protection Agency. The Caner K. named persons were detained .

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