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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:11

UBAM:high drink prices cologne directing citizens

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Fighting drug addiction and alcoholism President of the Federation (UBAM) Dila Tezemir, alcoholic beverage tax hikes in prices due to the often tends to cologne citizens, he said.

Tezemir said:"In our country, demand reduction and tax hikes in prices of alcoholic beverages is preferred. However, applied to the citizens of this wrong policy more affordable due to the use of alcoholic beverages, especially alcohol, are preferred. For this reason, international bring gifts to the outside, to put our country of illegal, pirated want to find the alcoholic beverages produced alcoholic drinks has become a priority."she said.

seen as an alternative to alcoholic beverages, cologne and continued increases in sales Tezemir Dila stressed:"The great danger is serious threat to public health than thought, almost every market, buffet, a pharmacy, grocery store, and even if the neighborhood Unfortunately, the use of this danger is quite concentrated, especially in recent times has become an indispensable advanced cologne addicts."

Gallipoli identify a pharmacy that sells cologne, representing 5 per hour Dila Tezemir 168, said "I Status of the Sector applications where a number of substances in this industry and to reduce the effect of the cleaning agent can be mixed into juice, and the first to enjoy the change in me, and a bad taste in the mouth for the irritant is preferred as an appetizer, a spoonful of honey.'s liberation, we have an intermediary with just a spoonful of honey a dependent brother drank 5 bottles of cologne confessed to us."

Alcoholic beverages, driven by increases in Tezemir defending is not the solution,"the fact that the blind eyes gastric bleeding in the brain and causing very serious destruction and industrial alcohol in the mouth (ethyl alcohol and methyl alcohol) produced requested this item be drunk by people are in a deplorable condition. government wants to cut down on raising the price of alcohol and smoking in no way opposed to qualify as respect for human beings can be considered as a method of fines pockets. educating, teaching, saving, and even prohibiting the take Even if the measures in the community will result in less damage is seen."said.

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