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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 00:34

Ugur Cooling Receives Award for Customer's fortune

Ugur Cooling Receives Award for Customer's fortune
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Since 1954, 137 countries from Nazilli freezer Ugur Cooling issuers of customers in his raffle winners were announced.

Aydın news: From Nazilli 1954, since 137 countries freezer issuers Ugur Cooling Among the customers of his lottery winners were announced.
6 months ago started and before a notary public the various awards given lottery biggest prize of about 70 thousand TL from luxury car worth 42 thousand people lucky winner of Istanbul, took delivery of the car came to Nazilli. İstanbullu İşbilen fortunate Mustafa (42), won the car raffle Assistant General Manager Fatih Uğur Group took delivery of the hands of Takmaklı.
in Istanbul for 7 years in a municipality learned that working as a security guard Mustafa İşbilen married 14 years, had stated that double happiness. İşbilen,"In June, mother-in-law as a gift to the freezer bought. Then sorts the campaign did not know. My research Ugur brand decided on and Bayrampaşa branch got one. Dealers me the lottery and that tickets would give said. Went home I a few days after the documents within the ticket could not find dealers call back ticket when asked by courier had sent. Raffle day newspaper advert my name was stunned. because the campaign 42 thousand people attended and had a chance will not be thinking. Already a car had. Now I earn car sold homes'll try to. mothers-in-my chances thanks to twice win. First the car, and the second was a very high quality freezer. if the love of me I can not tell my mother-in-law.'m very happy,"he said.
Ugur Cooling Machine Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Assistant General Manager Fatih Takmakl is,"Ugur brands as our customers happy you're trying to. Energy-friendly and environment-friendly products only families but the community the benefit of serve, I believe. Today, as we live our campaigns in the results of individual happiness on the occasion we are. These campaigns for our customers to reach for us also very important organizations. 2 years ago we Ev'lendir with home draw this time Ugur customers freezer, air conditioning and a luxury car owners have done. continue our surprise,"he said.

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