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  • 07 Eylül 2014, Pazar 21:34

Ugur Işılak gave a concert in SINDIRGI

Ugur Işılak gave a concert in SINDIRGI
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In the district of Balıkesir Sındırgı Yağcıbedir 16th International Carpet Culture and Art Festival, the concert ended with Ugur Işılak .

Balıkesir news: In the district of Balıkesir Sındırgı Yağcıbedir 16th International Carpet Culture and Art Festival, the concert ended with Ugur Işılak .
market place is closed due to bad weather , thousands of people attended the concert . Ugur Işılak Cılbırc before the concert due to SINDIRGI Quarter folk dance team took the stage . After the folk dances and festivals during the festival exhibited on behalf of the most beautiful Yağcıbedir carpet Carpet Contest with prizes to the winners of the AK Party was given by District Governor Halil day . Celebration Mayor Ekrem Slow, deputy mayors , municipal councilors , circle chiefs and watched thousands of citizens . Ugur Işılak that
festival concert , with songs sung fill in this field was a memorable night the crowd . By famous artists go on stage at a time enlivened with cheer to the concert area artists moaned. Işılak , Sındırgılı meet with him after thanking the authorities concert began. The Işılak excited fans with the beautiful song was applauded for a long time . Ugur left the scene about an hour Işılak Mayor was given flowers by Ekrem slow . Işılak is honored to host stated that they slow , \"16th International Yağcıbedir Carpet Culture and Art Days final, it wanted to do . Before the concert Eman Thermal Hotel Yağcıbedir carpet on the photographs you saw the . SINDIRGI passionate love in what sadness , what is starved What is What is said and how it is said that the best example Yağcıbedir carpets . 3 thousand years in the Altai Mountains were transferred to Anatolia , Taurus placed, there SINDIRGI lived in Yağcıbedir reviews all kinds of longing and love stitch committed Yağcıbedir carpet in his hometown to see I'm happy . Everybody'm an artist he revealed , but everyone artistry master personality and a certain posture so beautiful collate not . Ugur Işılak and an artist , as well as God-given voice and talent and interpretive power with a really admirable person. , but also personality, morals and decency with the specific love of country and the nation with an attitude , does not exclude others , because of the Creator God who loves and pleasant it is an approach that combines an outstanding feature . Itself, our people bring him great pleasure , \"he said .
End of the concert AK Party District Chairman Halil Day , AK Party Women's Wing President Auspicious Çakmakçı and the AK Party Youth Wing President Suleyman Friendly Işılak to Yağcıbedir carpet as a gift. Mayor slow the after the speech Işılak'to Dombır'left the scene with the song .

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