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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:01

Uludag Plains Snow Water Inegöl to Sula

Uludag Plains Snow Water Inegöl to Sula
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The AK Party Istanbul deputy Hüseyin Şahin said that the biggest dream that Babasultan Dam reached the end of the irrigation project.

Bursa news: Photo Deputy Huseyin Sahin, DS Bursa 1. Examine Regional Director Nazmi Kocak and Inegöl Chamber of Agriculture President Sezai Dam irrigation network that Babasult with Steel closed systems work place. In 2014 he started to relevant study with irrigation system in April , 20-kilometer main line over which records döneşdig pipe will go up to Ortakoy Falcon, \"In total there are 120 kilometers of suburban lines. Thousand in the neighborhood of the Martyrs 100 acre area've also included in the project. 4 thousand hectares of farmland bleary will be , \"he said . Photo relevant to make Old 30 million pounds record spending to do Sahin, \"For years, waiting for the project was a past life. will expire at the end of 2015. associated with expropriation difficulties were overcome. the accumulated in Babasult Dam 20 million cubic meters of Uludag snow water to irrigate the Inegöl plains. our income, our production will increase . Inegöl in an imagined until now projects a , we conduct one , \"he said . Photo Inegöl the water needs to be established to Hocaköy position to meet the 50 year drinking water also provides information about the dam Falcons \"28 million cubic meters of water will keep , 90 meters high and 400 meters wide Hocaköy Dam the last stage has been reached in the project . Requires approval from the Ministry of Development . I met with our minister. We have received confirmation from our minister said at the time the project is finished . Will begin work in 2015 . Company will deliver the project until the end of the year . Invest in a sari year. Our goal is to clarify the Inegöl of drinking water , \"he said.


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