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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 18:20

Ulupınar , \"introduced by Law No. 6360 Innovations\"Assess

Ulupınar , \
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AK Party Presidency of Local Government held in Sakarya , \"No. 6360 Metropolitan Law Enforcement Results of the workshop has ended .

Zonguldak news:
located in Sakarya Ulupınar for the weekend workshop , Ankara will continue from where it left off to work . Workshop , the AK Party Local Government Chairman Abdul Hamid Gul , Zonguldak Deputy Ozcan Ulupınar , Local Government Vice Presidents, academicians, politicians , civil servants and practitioners with the participation was held .
Zonguldak Deputy Ozcan Ulupınar weekend in Sakarya workshop held following statement found in ,
\"Ulupınar for evaluation:the AK Party Local Government carried out by 6360 numbered Metropolitan Law brought innovation workshop meeting was discussed . workshop AK Party located within 18 Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General of the 17 mayors , including politicians, bureaucrats , academics with the participation of a productive meeting we did. these meetings, the main goal of 6,360 numbered Metropolitan laws of the results they bring , legal, financial , administrative and EC service area to evaluate . these laws in the city with more powerful and as a whole to be managed is intended. known in Turkey as 30-Metropolitan which include the status of our city . Our metropolitan \"Metropolitan \"and \"district \"continued to serve our people with municipalities in 51 provinces , but our second ride was closed under the Municipal Borough . Configurations available with this law in our district were visited , some of our resort was converted to the status of the district . This law, together with basic municipal services covering general areas of the province to offer a single source , starting in the execution of local services aimed to ensure effective coordination . Thus, in its capacity by expanding our municipal services began offering more technological possibilities . Qualified personnel may use these technological possibilities has opened the way for the employment . This is an important service area of the law , they also bring our people living in villages by taking a more active role in determining local politicians , who may choose them at the polls . Metropolitan law and the abolition of the special provincial administrations with some of the authorities here were transferred to the newly established Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate . 2863 Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets in accordance with Article 12 Special Provincial Administration officials used the powers and duties transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality has not , been transferred to investment tracking and Coordination Directorate . In addition, Emergency , Disaster and Emergency Services and the introduction of services such as provinces is connected to this unit . Within the boundaries of Greater and more effective in solving the problem of transportation in providing transportation of municipal police with criminal jurisdiction of this problem has been resolved . Local Government in 6360 with the law sweeping reforms were made. Advanced democracies to reach all citizens in metropolitan areas has been executed . Our evaluations at the end of this process, the AK Party will be submitted to the President and Prime Minister , Ahmet Davutoglu . \"

Ulupınar , \"introduced by Law No. 6360 Innovations\"Assess" comments for.


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