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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 14:07

Ulusoy Ring Opening

Ulusoy Ring Opening
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Ulusoy, pushed the button to open the handles 27.8 percent of the capital in the stock market .

Samsun news: Photo of carrying Turkey's Ulusoy reliable food supplier to the world , Istanbul Stock Exchange Inc. ( BIST ) is counting the days to see the process. 27.8 percent of the Company which will ring Ulusoy , through a capital increase and joint sales offering 23 million shares with a nominal value of TL 500 thousand sold . Photo Sugar Investment Securities Inc. the IPO will be held through a consortium led 12 will meet demand in the 13 and 14 November . Capital Markets Board ( CMB) approval of the companies underwriting the IPO and balance through discounted 26.5 percent , 2.90 percent and 12.6 discounted collection method will perform from 3:45 to demand £ price range. Ulusoy, which will begin trading on the BIST National Market as of the 20 November 2014, one year promises a joint sale and there will be no value of a capital increase. Photo Ulusoy , announced at the meeting of the IPO Anemone Hotel. Fahrettin Chairman of the meeting held Ulusoy Board Ulusoy , CEO Günhan Ulusoy and business leaders attended the event. Photo Ulusoy Inc. history in a Gregorian Ulusoy said that they lived Chairman Fahrettin Ulusoy , \"a Gregorian in history in our family and we live in happiness. diligently we grew up for 45 years , we've made our company we have given labor this . this labor we have given the company'we must pass on to future generations'decision , we have responded with . She could do the preparation. we all get better , there's a lot of great support of you the financing that of the institution has come to today. humble if we have become one of the most important institutions of a zahirec the shop industry today , where our labor, so we are to rely on , we have a huge support of financial institutions , including our customers foremost supporters. We've expressed our them always grateful , \"he said . the Photo Turkey largest flour producers as one of both institutionalization as well as company Ulusoy stated that they are aiming to move on to future generations CEO Günhan Ulusoy , \"Daily with 900 tons of wheat processing capacity of one of the world's reliable food supplier ,\"he said . in the Photo Ulusoy 25 year period , indicating that they have reached a capacity of over 5 continents in 72 countries exporting to Ulusoy , \"we are increasing our sales capacity continuously developing and expanding our export markets. Our production has increased 30 percent compared to the first six months of last year in the first six months of 2014 . To meet the increasing demand, the end of 2016 we aim to reach a daily production capacity of 500 thousand tons. This will be used in our facility with new technologies and with different products , we can meet our customers a wide range of demands , \"he said .
\" PROFIT PERCENTAGE 224 INCREASED \"Photo net profit for the first half of this year compared to the same period of 2013 224 million pounds, an increase of 9.4 per cent rise that underlines Ulusoy , \"we went over the same period, net sales revenue increased by 433 million pounds of 60 percent. Our goal after the IPO , which is scheduled to complete our new plant in Samsun , to increase our capacity. In the medium to long term by continuing our growth through new investments outside Turkey and abroad , we aim to become a global player in the sector, \"he said .


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