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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 18:00

Umpires from my site Ertekin

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Balıkesirspor coach Ismail Ertekin, had argued that the rights of the referee.

Balıkesir news: Photo Balıkesirspor coach Ismail Ertekin, a press release of the club facilities , the penalties taken by the referee reacted not reflected in the public. Photo Ertekin, also found in the last week played Eskisehir match of the assessment . They played well in the first half of Eskişehir match and forward now stated that they Ertekin, \"Second there are still positions we find the beginning of the match in half. But 2-0 can not do a 20-minute edition ate it the way it was individual mistakes and we had to settle for 1 point. Of course as Expected that we expect 3 points in every game but 1 point a bad score in Eskisehir, \"he said.
past İdmanyurdu Mersin played on Saturday also found in the evaluation of the match Balıkesirspor coach Ismail Ertekin, \"This game is in play right the first 20-25 minute segments we I do not think and could not have been much more effective. then we started to put our game in weight , yet we fall to 1-0 win situation . 2. while still well in the half , we have seen our castle 1 goal . we have a good response and we found the 2-1. Last 25 I did not find much bother us although would score a goal after some minutes, \"he said. Photo Balıkesirspor the end when the two cores analyzed have entered too much position but individual errors that expresses costly Ertekin, \"In the match we play then we need to do this kind of small errors. You are taking away goal but unfortunately you can not win because you can not finish the match without conceding a goal. So then we need to work a little more and we need to solve the problem without conceding a goal . We did not pass the last two weeks the deflection in front of the individual error I see in the match , our players are performing well , \"he said .
\" do not give BREAST IN THESE COUNTRIES cry until \"Photo Balıkesirspor coach Ismail Ertekin, they never tried to referee he said that although the right to beat one of the teams . Ertekin, \"About our defeats but we're not on the agenda . Great teams are incredibly agenda at the slightest fault but although we eat so much punishment , I decide if this is a penalty so the referee against us because I call it punishment. But I can not stay back to say the following . Technical man rushes eats fine , penalty or match penalty . Manager gave an interview he eats penalty , teams, spectators eating fine. If anyone has committed a crime if released before the press . There's only one thing unexplained , not any fault of the referee who described the penalties friends . There are also such an interesting picture . Here, after two friends who match an extremely large errors in the match Besiktas match is given as prize again . If you make mistakes against two-match ban if it also needs to know the public. If we'football ailesiyiz'we say , the judgesare not family? Their punishment is not explained why . Is there such a table in this country , I do not understand . That means we need to appeal ever , our technical guys getting out the slightest objection. Maybe, if we are correct impulsive act . I did it , did Fenerbahce coach did not ? Why do not you get it then. Or did he do another ? Do not you educate your friends who trained all these judges ? They onlytrain single . Or giveindividual instructions . One such tool,a standard on the team so he could be ? If you are printing more about which club he referees are starting to work in favor of the club . But no one at that time so you do print . We do not talk so we fall into criminal position . Most regret my side it . We can newfangled OK league . We had just come into the league so everyone not to tread on us , \"he said .
\"SİVAS'< strong> TAN 3 points we MUST \"Photo League's 10th week of talking about Sivas match will face in your own home Ismail Ertekin, \"we must look at the individual match . Sivas match ahead of us and we have to have absolute 3 points in this match . If we finish the 3 match points in Sivas , until the end of the first half in this table , we will have close to maximum points we can get . Will increase our confidence in ourselves , there will be 3 points they earn when they deal with the players. I guess we will consider this call as well concentrated . Looking at the overall picture in the fixture're playing with teams playing in the championship always inside . The second half will return to this business of course vice versa. We have to get the maximum points we can get through the first half for him. We have no choice . This is the most important part of Sivasspor . Both of you when we win this game , and fans , and we'll be out in a safe way out of this , \"he said . After Balıkesirspor Photo Press conference player of the match continued preparations of Sivas .

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