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  • 22 Aralık 2013, Pazar 09:20

Ümraniye Bahçesehir at the College of New Year Enthusiasm

Ümraniye Bahçesehir at the College of New Year Enthusiasm
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Bahçeşehir organized by the College of Traditional New Year Carnival, Ümraniye was held on the campus.

İstanbul news: Bahçeşehir College organized by the Traditional New Year Carnival, Ümraniye Campus was held.
Bahçeşehir College December 22, held on Sunday, New Year Carnival of administrators, teachers and PTA, as well as many students and parents joined . Excitement and fun for students at the carnival brings together made bookends, cartoon, percussion, karaoke, sand painting, paper and colorful ceramic work activities such as shrinking the stands took place. Carnival happy hour as you pass along the pupils, parents also did shopping. In addition, parents' support, prepared with food and drinks during the day, participants were served.
Carnival a social responsibility part of the project, saying that the Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College Vice President Mesut Kaya,"Bahçesehir educational institutions 20 years in 20 cities 20 kindergarten renovation project there. We Ümraniye Bahçesehir Educational Institutions as our district a kindergarten entirely be designed and all needs related to a project started and a carnival did. This carnival is all income in our district kindergarten will go. Both students and parents came together, and spent a lovely day they both this social responsibility project in took place. Both our for both parents and students to be a good day,"he said.
and entertainment as well as sharing the pleasure together with its mission carnival participants of the proceeds from the Bahçeşehir College '20. 20 years C in the city, 20 Kindergarten 'renovation project will be donated to a kindergarten.

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