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  • 22 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 09:46

Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College Scores Top Marks of Safety Audit

Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College Scores Top Marks of Safety Audit
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Bahcesehir University in Turkey for the first time, City Security Group and Global Security Group has prepared jointly by the Safe Schools Project Ümraniye Bahçesehir inspection was conducted at the College.

İstanbul news:  First time in Turkey Bahcesehir University, City Security Group and Global Security Group, jointly prepared by the Safe Schools Project Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College audit was performed.
Students 'development of a healthy education in the framework of complete and useful in the future being individuals Turkey in order' first developed in the Safe Schools Project was implemented in Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College. Under the project Bahcesehir University Department of Private Security and Protection Program and Global Security Group CEO Osman Öztürk Davis Katz performs security checks were in school.
schools in Turkey experienced in the negativity and violence to prevent them stating that they want Osman Öztürk,"Safe school standards of our schools to be more successful, the teacher-student relationship development and the achievement of students with its focus on family, student and community security physical security united state forms . Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College teachers with each other healthy communication and emergency management about the constant supervision and training they were doing work I have seen. classrooms, hallways, restrooms and cafeterias in terms of health is quite reliable, and especially the classes of the students to focus on quite appropriate,"he said.
School safety is mentioned only the school's physical standards and high-scale security, not the students home from school to go to the exit from the moment they spend in school education process and then return home so that steps include stating Ozturk,"Bahçeşehir College, Turkey's standards in terms of the best colleges one. contemporary and secure architecture applied. educating students comfortably in order to receive a warm school climate was created,"he said.
in America in government buildings implemented security system in Turkey in the buildings to life and to share the information they want expressing Davis Katz said,"The kids here all of us children, and considering it in making its assessment first and foremost 'own children, though here sends Can' we think. Yeah, I definitely do I send. safety level is extremely good a school that has structure. All workers, teachers and administrative staff together with think it is a very safe school,"he said.

Ümraniye Bahçeşehir College Scores Top Marks of Safety Audit" comments for.


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