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  • 17 Aralık 2013, Salı 11:37

Unbeknownst to beat cancer

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English Teacher in Izmir Wound Belga have breast cancer, but the cancer was caught unaware that helter-skelter surgery.

English Teacher in Izmir Wound Belga have breast cancer, but the cancer was caught unaware that helter-skelter surgery. Following the operation the diagnostic young teacher, was told by the doctor instead of the life partner. Belga's teacher for his wife and daughter managed to beat cancer two years of happiness,"a well-behaved student satellites like the rules, I have applied if the doctor nor the words,"was described by.
Izmir Egekent Cahide-Ahmet Dalyanoğlu Secondary school teachers of English Belga's wound was an educated woman, the family experienced a painful example also be present every year because of breast examinations and investigations without disrupting doing the. Controls, but in 2011 he had noticed one day that the lump under the right seat for the doctor did not say a preliminary diagnosis should be operated immediately, he said. On 16 August 2011 Belg 10 days after the examination of the teacher found himself on the operating table. After this operation to have worked belgin city of Izmir Specialist Professor of Medical Oncology at the Hospital. Dr.. By Mehmet Alakavuk therapy was started. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, young mothers who had a long and arduous treatment process, while the winner of the fight, to be a guide for breast cancer patients, in order to provide morale hit the road. Belga's teacher, lived experiences, telling the recommendations found.
Cancer unaware that the way under the knife lying Belga teacher, diagnosed by her husband learned by explaining,"Routine checkups I Had to get but were missed. Diagnostic two years ago in 2011 in August after the surgery was made. surgery after leaving my wife, my doctor's diagnosis of cancer told me that he and I want to express said. My wife also in a suitable language to me I have cancer and told the next day that checked by a doctor to be prepared for the let me be,"he said.
"My daughter toupee STATE was afraid I'd"
disease after learning about his life as fun as possible to make it work, voicing Belga teacher,"This is news to receive, of course, a bad thing. life's end do you think. But I myself never I abstraction of life,"he said.
Belga biggest supporters in the treatment process of the teacher his wife, 6 year old daughter was Duru and students. Belga teacher recounts the experience was :"E shim, my family, my friends and my students support absolutely undeniable. Too difficult days we spent but with their support, overcome survived. Daughter's presence standing for a very important reason was. Daughter to me toupee I first saw when she got scared and again my wig wearing asked me. Later, different wigs I've made and life fun I've made."
Breast cancer survivor Belga teachers who are at risk are not all the same sex as important for warned :"'H sooner it's over and think, 'but a second life begins. too serious and important disease. But this disease beat you think that the moment you lost. no way afford to lose, you should not. Life wrapped tightly you need to. Especially in the family these kinds of stories than those who caution needed to be."
cancer two years able to lower the Belga's teacher, the nightmare ended the day they feel the following words quoted :"B at the teacher for being my students according to the rules behave as I would like. doctor from me the same thing you wanted. everything he is saying took it seriously and I applied. Uslu a student I was. he nor if the same thing I did. Cancer of the treatments finished the day off me I felt a huge load off. worth to the world situation. has made a big celebration that day. again, you feel like life has begun."
city of Izmir Specialist Professor of Medical Oncology at the Hospital. Dr.. Mehmet Alakavuk, however, the need to raise awareness against breast cancer recalled. Belga to reach the teacher's belief that success in the treatment process draws attention to the importance of Prof. Dr.. Alakavuk,"these processes, especially against the family carrying out their duties and that the process to overcome was quite successful. Difficult periods spent, but it would be good faith in the success of the role is important. We to a certain extent you're guided. Treatment after the 'first opportunity also to patients want to be useful. Together can we work ? 'he said, and for patients that are developing such programs and that such programs are thinking of himself as the protagonist,"he noted.

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