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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:41

\"Under Hard Fall Market was Animate \"

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Trabzon Chamber of Jewelers and Watchmaker Text Foreground Supervisory Board Chairman , said that the sharp decline in gold prices revive the market in recent years.

Trabzon news: Gold prices in the foreground Photo recalled that cause stagnation in the market before the rise \"Gold investors were waiting . After markets experienced declines action. shows demand under Investors . \"he said. Text Foreground , gold in the long term stressed that an important investment vehicle. Photo Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BRSA ), the decision of the tally stated that began in the gold sales Onal, increase in sales, the credit card with the 4th installment facilities said they expect . Text Foreground , \"was wrong, the abolition of the event under the installment plan . Jewellery sector has experienced tremendous hardship because of this wrong. 4. Restart installment with new regulations . The resumption of Installments event may stimulate the jewelry industry to maybe get a little bit but that's not a long-term permanent relief ,\"he said . Photo Onal, customer number 4th installment to the credit card even stating that the request to increase the point , \"This application is outside of us , we stated that a thriving practice . (BRSA) we describe is an application. we bring the demand of authorities they pass in Vatandaşlarımız . make wedding shopping asking families also high amounts of all the fleeing pay at a time or do not have the power . they find it less than 4 installments , and they want it to be 12 installments , \"he said . Photo Trabzon Jewelers and Watchmaker Chamber of Supervisory Board Chairman Metin Onal, should be in Trabzon braided bracelet'TTH'controls for the sign stating that they thicken , \"Trabzon Mesh Bracelet is the light of our eyes , our labor . It is an offense to sell or second hand wicker be in the showcase. Continue legal proceedings related thereto. Trabzon Trabzon mesh bracelet Jewelers and Watchmaker have made applications for geographical indications in order to guarantee the room. Mesh key part of the chapter TTH (Trabzon Filigree and Mesh )'re getting our citizens without marking wicker rings . TTH sign that they get mats . Our control room on this issue as it takes , \"he said.

\"Under Hard Fall Market was Animate \"" comments for.


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