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  • 18 Aralık 2013, Çarşamba 12:29

Underwater world in which a housewife Had Single Women Artists

Underwater world in which a housewife Had Single Women Artists
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Underwater picture and exhibition in the world on one of the three people who Ramazanoğulları Fig Zonguldakl housewife, opened the exhibition.

Zonguldak news: Underwater picture and exhibition in the world on one of the three people who Ramazanoğulları Fig Zonguldakl housewife, opened the exhibition.
in the world, underwater paintings, engaged and exhibitions 3 people, one of Zonguldakl housewife Figen Ramazanogullari, also underwater paintings, that woman in the world, being single feature.
Zonguldak Çaycuma sitting in the town Figen Ramazanoğulları (50), on television and on the internet watching the famous painter painting has learned. Ramazonoğul the 23 years, while exhibiting his paintings, paintings on the theme of underwater Ramazanoğulları in all, learn the techniques to shoot brush in order to reflect the depth of the sea and wake up from sleep, continued to paint, he said. Ramazanogullari, sea depths of the spiritual nature that he found, he said.
"NO DIVING NOT EVEN IF I HAVE UNDER WATER pictures committed it"
Ramazanogullari,"25 years of painting I'm doing. Res curiosity I TRT in the picture to the man who had begun. His looking at the pictures started. Subsequently nature began to do. The fish did. that fish picture took me into and I'm 15 years underwater pictures I'm working on. this exhibition of my paintings 15 years have contributed. I'm a housewife . I already sea and sea views very loving human being. before diving did not. How throw yourself do not know. ever to dive, even though I underwater pictures hearts gave. television documentary ever be able to capture'd watch. This curiosity started from there,"he said.

Exhibit 30 units photos indicating that the Ramazanogullari,"my paintings too much price mower did. matter how many people if it reaches , so good that I thought it would. Exhibition opening goal much to gain profit not, and it do not look. Housewife I, picture my appreciation me to see enough gratifying. provided my 100 £ ' to the data, I 50 £ ' to also give. My prices for the not so important. Emeğimiz receive the money I do not, but how many people if it reaches, the better, I think. I this work consciously did not start. Internet at myself in the material to search for wandering around I saw in the world, engaged in this business for 2 persons. One of them came from Turkey, retired from the military gentleman. Others also Azerbaijani gentleman. 3rd person as well as I assume, as the lady. course right there. provided between the underwater pictures have engaged in . however, on the basis of the exhibition, constantly working underwater theme and exhibition which opens on 2 people. And without education, sarcastic,'m the only woman in the world as a housewife,"he said.
two years since, she also began painting said Ramazanogullari,"I as you make me, seeing is doing. along with me its also in this exhibition have pictures. Himself 10 years following moment, but it passed me think that. provided in the area, housewives, the academics without their own efforts doing something Examples of people want to be. Critiques, rather than be appreciated Waiting. because this table in all labor there. nights get up hours of 3-4 photos I've done I know. especially painters Calling.commonly exhibitions from those offered waiting. Offers In case of back to them, pirouette with them, I like to work. Overall picture festivals want to participate,"he said.
"all images CHILDREN AS"
Photo exhibition browsing is a citizen, exhibitions and photos about said:
"in images of how life was caught Figen of ladies I already know. Own the well'm seeing. Pictures are all like children. naturality, underwater loves. most recent of his photos are very nice. Ben sea, nature because I love his look at the pictures when I'm diving, sea bottom'm going, peace I find. to me it sounds pretty good. study are very nice, the colors are very nice, the last 15 days to 3 photos raised ."

Underwater world in which a housewife Had Single Women Artists" comments for.


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