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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:18

Union Branch President of Kars Free Turhan Foundation ;

Union Branch President of Kars Free Turhan Foundation ;
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Unity Foundation of Kars Branch Chairman Turhan free , feast day of unity and said that refresher .

Kars news:
free Turhan, peace and justice, who led our nation , today there no human drama bystander that , anywhere in the world regardless of the oppressed peoples of Turkey for hope , he said .
Unity Foundation Kars branch president of Free Turhan, Victims in a message issued for the feast ; \"A Feast of Sacrifice to achieving more joy and excitement are in . Holidays , national and religious feelings, beliefs , customs and traditions of the application and to exhibit , nation and nation as joy and enthusiasm that is experiencing a society, the nation's consciousness crowned special days. Holidays , sIL-i uterus in terms of exceptional days. this festival gives its name to the victims of worship , the servant closer to Allah the fiscal aspects of social solidarity and sharing reinforcing. Victims of worship at the same time , the Prophet. Ibrahim and Prophet. Ishmael to Allah loyalty and submission to represent aspect carries a different meaning , \"he said .
Turhan ; \"Holidays , brotherhood , unity and solidarity refresh are the days . Love, peace and brotherhood feelings intensified , resentful of the peace , that social cohesion is strengthened , respect and tolerance is dominant , goodness and beauty , inhabited by the holidays for us a very special meaning bears . These days our society interest and support of people who actually need with compassion , approaching the cooperative spirit to perpetuate the name of a fırsattır.yıl are the peace and justice that leads our nation , today there no human drama can not stand watching the world where in the matter oppressed peoples hope for to be going to completing the feelings and thoughts Victims Feast of our country , our nation , and our citizens on the whole Islamic world , happiness, blessings , I wish to bring peace and tranquility , \"he said .

Union Branch President of Kars Free Turhan Foundation ;" comments for.


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