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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:31

Union President Kevin Elazig Elitok Honey Beekeepers Description

Union President Kevin Elazig Elitok Honey Beekeepers Description
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Beekeepers Association President Yusuf Elitok Elazig , Elazig said kevin honey production in Turkey in the first place can be .

Elazığ news: Photo Beekeepers Association President Joseph Elitok Elazig , Elazig in stating that about 300 tons of honey production this year , said they spent the last 15 years the most productive season . Due to the union in Elazığ 850 beekeepers reminiscent demonstrated that honey production in the 55 thousand barrel Elitok , \"This year was the honey season in terms of a productive year . But it is not correct to say the same thing in terms of clover . It was also the most inefficient in terms of Clover honey . Clover weighted honey Karakoçan region production was not there yield the desired level as it is made . we can say Pointed Mining region in the passed year-efficient kevin honey . in this region took place approximately 300 tons of honey production . passed the most productive season in the last 15 years in terms of Kevan . when we look at the production of honey , of course, in terms of honey production that temperature in the rainfall and temperature with honey season of the year and rainfall comes to the fore . year terms went well flower honey in terms of time springs honey that I can say that can be placed among the first in Turkey. But it is not possible to give a clear figure needed in this regard. in terms of Kevan honey in Turkey Elazig is one of the most important cities , \"he said .
\" ARICI sHOULD bE ALLOWED BEFORE ACCOMMODATION \"Photo Elazig emphasis sivrice and mining districts of arrival of the beekeeping sector in recent years Elitok , \"beekeeping here the high honey yield in recent years in the development and be a source of livelihood was effective. Therefore, density began to increase. Come here illegally because it yields very high in a short period and is experiencing a lot of problems as a result of unauthorized settlement to be . This year was also the same problems. Many beekeepers had to come up to his unauthorized stay. As a result, a highly negative results emerged . You have to fit people's capacity here and the fact that permission after lodging the ministry already wrong if it is to avoid these problems staying there bees then take the permission to stay before beekeepers , \"he said .
\" ANALYSIS MADE WITH HONEY MARKET PRESENTED TO BALI not the same \"Photo Market is a large amount of fake and real honey honey honey with fake records can only be distinguished by assaying Elitok , \"People should make sure to analysis in order to understand honey . Attention should be paid to the proline value. Whether there is a genuine honey incomprehensible outside test results . Today we see many fake honey on the market. Although citizens of the same test results can be tasted by real honey but honey market for those , the majority of people unfortunately have been fed honey offered money in exchange for sugars are glucose-fed honey . They also possible to understand but find assaying . It is impossible to understand outside of the analysis , \"he said .

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