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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 10 Ekim 2014, Cuma 13:18

United States General John Allen, President Obama's Special Representative for Ankara Contact

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President Barack Obama's Special Representative , General John Allen and Brett McGurk Deputy Special Representative of the President , Prime Minister Davutoglu in Ankara and senior managers , including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs met with the Turkish authorities .

Ankara news:
U.S. State Department spokesman Jan Psai by Aki written statement , the President's Representative , General John Allen and President's Special Representative Deputy Brett McGurk , today in Ankara, the Prime Minister Davutoğlu and State Department's senior managers , including the Turkish authorities and constructive detailed interviews conducted were recorded.
General Allen and the Special Representative Assistant McGurk , Isidor weaken and ultimately to eliminate the need to be multi-faceted initiatives in the context of cooperation that can be presented in the article stating that the Psai , \"The Allen and McGurk said the terror network generated against broad-based coalitions to strengthen the process early stages we are and it's a long-term process will be reported . , General Allen and his Special Representative Assistant McGurk , Isidor's military capacity and in an on-going threat to undermine the immediate steps urgently need to be taken stressed that , on the other hand , and Isidor both the Assad regime struggling with Syria moderate opposition, strengthening the Syrian crisis, realistic and lasting political solution for the delivery that it is essential underlined , \"he said .
in this context, General Allen, Special Representative of the Deputy McGurk and Turkish interlocutors , Isidor'efforts to expand in the military field against a number of measures that deal with ; a joint military planning team early next week military between channels to resume talks in order to visit Ankara said it will stated that the Psai said, \"In addition, both parties ışid'l on fighting dynamic and deepening bilateral consultation sürecimizi ; military assistance , foreign fighters fight , financing prevention, humanitarian assistance and Isidor's post with the rhetoric gayrimeşrulaştırıl the topics covering a range of multi-faceted initiative through continued that we would have agreed . , General Allen and his Special Representative Assistant McGurk , Iraq and Syria, the ISID crisis in Turkey because of his sacrifice that they appreciate also , noting that NATO allies date and robust partnership between Turkey and the United States stressed , \"he said .

United States General John Allen, President Obama's Special Representative for Ankara Contact" comments for.


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