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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 26 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 14:20

United States 'Peace Movement and the Construction of Service' symposium

United States 'Peace Movement and the Construction of Service' symposium
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The first session of an international symposium, the Service's contribution to the world peace movement, and discussed the importance given to education

'Service and the Peace Movement İnşaası'başlıklı began a two-day international symposium in Washington, the U.S. capital. in the Construction of Peace through Education' in the first session, entitled Movement academics Service discussed the importance and contribution of education to the world peace.

speaker of the session and the Fine Arts Department, Professor of Theology at Georgetown University. Dr. Ori Z. Soltes Fethullah Gulen, Rumi and Ibn Arabi affected as the idea is that a thinker.

Service Harketi'nin thoughts and writings of Fethullah Gülen, who expressed fed Soltes, Sticky Thread Movement is the most important element of training activities said . Movement on the heads of schools and pre-school services and after-school teachers indicate that they are always ready for students Soltes,"Sticky Thread from pre-school to university level in many countries and continents, the ideals of the movement of the service supplied to hundreds of educational institutions. The growth of the primary purposes of these schools a generation of devoted and selfless. ,"he said.

Lecturer Dr. Johns Hopkins University. Does not Beishenaliev, Kyrgyzstan has received training in a school providing education on the Movement in Service said.

his doctorate on the subject of Fethullah Gulen's ideas on education Beishenaliev voicing,"During Ph.D., Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan did a survey. Gülen Movement in schools affiliated to the survey, 65 percent of parents sending these schools due to the importance given to scientific teaching moral values ​​rather than sending their children to these schools revealed." he said.

Professor of Poland Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University. Eugeniusz Sakowicz Fethullah Gülen way is the way of respect and universal human values ​​ said.

Movement on the schools, missionary schools

Service Sakowicz benzetilemeyeceğini voicing,"This is the main difference between the schools and missionary schools; Gülen schools, religious lessons. ,"he said. Sakowicz missionary schools with strict rules that drew attention to religious subjects.

from Australia to attend the symposium, Dr. Harun Yuksel teachers working in the schools of the various countries of Service Movement, shared his research. Some teachers finish their prestigious universities in Turkey, despite the operating abroad Yüksel stated that they preferred to serve as teachers in schools, and others to help those affected by the Movement for enjoyed his teachers Service said.


United States 'Peace Movement and the Construction of Service' symposium" comments for.


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