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  • 04 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:08

University of Gaziantep Oncology Hospital also serves to Middle East Countries

University of Gaziantep Oncology Hospital also serves to Middle East Countries
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The foundation was laid in 1999 and established in the district hospital locations Oncology Hospital , Gaziantep University , political and social developments in recent years in parallel with the countries of the region also began to serve .

Gaziantep news: In 1999, the foundation laid and the district hospital positions established in the University of Gaziantep Oncology Hospital, the recent political and social developments in parallel with the countries of the region to provide services began .
Turkish Cancer Foundation Gaziantep Branch led in 1999 laid the foundation of the hospital services , now so 20-25 percent of Syrian refugees make up .
Hospital was opened in the years to a district hospital that the nature but the surrounding countries and the political and social changes due now to neighboring countries also began to serve noted that the University of Gaziantep Oncology Hospital Oncology Department, Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Dr. Alper Sevinc , \"Our hospital opened in 2006 , when in fact the region was addressed . We in Gaziantep and the surrounding provinces, as we have determined . Again when next in Syria and Iraq, our relations with the increases, we saw , environmental, patients come to us. Patients of their treatment here wants to be made . Approximately 2006 in 2011 markedly between Iraq and Syria and other Middle Eastern countries patients we accepted only after 2011 that erupted after the war is now coming from Syria patients accept and where treatments are doing, \"he said.
Middle East countries treatment of cancer patients manage their ideas and to consult come to them that transfers Joy , \"our service consistently 20-25 percent Syrians patient's happening . at the same time the Iraqi patients us an idea to consult , treatment for managing are turning . One other patient groups also from Jordan patients . Hence Gaziantep province not only our environment but also to the countries around us are appeals . Here you can do both outpatient as well as inpatient treatment of the unit is on. These patients trying to serve , \"he said.
Between Syria and Turkey the events as a result of the country a large number of refugees had entered , and for these patients in the hospital have interpreters that transfers Joy ,\"between Syria and Turkey relations increases, we Aleppo information office had set up . This information would provide interpreting services to patients through the office but especially for Syrians living in our country after the war came from the camp for patients no longer required to have an interpreter appeared. Both in hospitals and oncology at the University Hospital in Gaziantep Our translators are currently working . Through this interpreter we are managing the treatment of patients , \"he said.

University of Gaziantep Oncology Hospital also serves to Middle East Countries" comments for.


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