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  • 26 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 17:58

University of Hatay Preferences Days

University of Hatay Preferences Days
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Eket Fairs Edit \"Preferences Hatay University Days\"began in Iskenderun .

Hatay news: Eket Fairs Edit \"Preferences Hatay University Days\"began in Iskenderun .
Iskenderun Municipality Social Facilities private and state universities were introduced in the \"Preferences Hatay University Days\"18 attended college .
May 26 to 27 Alexander and 29 to 30 May Antioch including two different centers will be made and will last 4 days preferred days total over 20 thousand prospective students to reach targeted.
University of the stands showed intense interest Iskenderun , young people are curious about matters informed up .
Promotion 4 days attending the University of Nisantasi and graduation year two professions in terms of choice due to features such as guaranteed employment was the focus of attention .
Nisantasi University Public Relations and Publicity Specialist Jahan Çatan İskenderunlu universities prefer to read , especially in Istanbul , he said. Çatak , \"in Iskenderun our students high and uninterrupted scholarship four years how two professions will have and a plus four plus how the system is a system we describe . Iskenderun students in general in Istanbul want to read what they are seeing . Both Iskenderun and Istanbul between building a bridge both in Istanbul are successful on their country more helpful they want to be . Nisantasi University we interest in is nice too . international educational opportunities that students and their four years, the two professions is capable of and when they graduate business owner who , as a university , we recognize İskenderunlu to us all in this opportunities , as well as trying to offer the best opportunities , \"he said .

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