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  • 29 Mayıs 2014, Perşembe 12:02

University of Hatay Preferences Days

University of Hatay Preferences Days
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That the introduction of private and state universities \"Hatay University Preferred Days\"began in Antioch .

Hatay news: Private and state universities were introduced \"Hatay University Preferred Days\"in Antioch began.
29 to 30 May between 2-day preferences in the days total over 20 thousand prospective students to reach targeted.
18 universities in the stands showed intense interest Hatayli young people are curious about matters informed up .
presentation days participating in Nisantasi University 4 years 2 employed and graduation job guarantee as well as features chosen direction in the limelight was .
Nisantasi University Public Relations and Publicity Specialist Jahan Çatan Hatayli college students prefer to read , especially in Istanbul , he said. Çatak , \"Nisantasi University students high and uninterrupted scholarship offers , and most importantly four years, in part course and taking their one year and we told them graduate offer the possibility . Abroad a nice After training our country, helpful young people are producing . Most important international education opportunities in this way students study abroad and receive in our country, their education from where they left they continue , \"he said .
in Hatay students Nisantasi universities interested in the intense , indicating that the Çatan , \"Our students have in mind questions with us share in their future helpful for us to be we create opportunities for supplying shops , \"he said .

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