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  • 21 Ağustos 2013, Çarşamba 17:33

University of the Republic received international accreditation

University of the Republic received international accreditation
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University of the Republic, the National Medical Education Accreditation Council (UTEAK) was akretide by.

Husband Prof.Dr.Faruk

Rector of the University of the Republic, to be accredited by the Faculty of Medicine UTEAK, that the international recognition of the training, he said. Only 21 of 174 Turkish university's medical school with this accreditation.

Rector of the University of the Republic of Faruk Husband, a lot to be proud of their part of the university said it was unable to obtain accreditation.

Accredited medical school, a point to be considered in the international arena noted that the education everywhere, Husband, 'Faculty of Medicine would like to thank friends, because I could not get it Capa Medical. Education accurate, full-fledged, was accredited in terms of acceptable everywhere. Söylüyorum'dedi flaunt it too.

Additional classrooms for the Faculty of Medicine, the President explaining Husband, said:

'Hospital Chief Physician ediliyor.Bu built at the entrance on the left side will be delivered by the end of the month. There are classrooms as well as a new 200-seat conference hall, they're ready. Students better and more modern, technological equipment to read the best classrooms. Accredited while also supposed to provide them. '

Cumhuriyet University has been accredited until 2019. Of 174 public and private universities in Turkey by UEAK those accredited are:Mediterranean, Ankara, the capital, Celal Bayar, the Republic of Çukurova, Faculty of Medicine, Ege, Erciyes, Gazi, Hacettepe University, Istanbul University Cerrahpasa, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Karadeniz Technical , Kocaeli, Marmara, Istanbul, May Nineteen, Pamukkale, Uludag and Çukurova.

University of the Republic received international accreditation" comments for.


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