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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 20 Ağustos 2013, Salı 12:46

University presidents condemned the coup

University presidents condemned the coup
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18 rector of the university in Turkey, a joint press release issued in Egypt condemned the coup and the impact katlimanı for karşıtalarına. The statement, in Egypt, in conjunction with the first free elections, laid the foundations of the rule of law and democratization based on equal political participation. However, the armed forces, the government confiscated blow to democratization efforts. Egypt and the massacre of civilians, condos, and condemn the attack on an intellectual responsibility. ' the statement said.

18 rector of the university in Turkey, Egypt, held a press release written on impact and massacres. The statement,"known as the heart of the Arab world, in Egypt, with the participation of large sections of society, the defeated anti-democratic and repressive government, along with the first free elections, laid the foundations of the rule of law and democratization based on equal political participation. However, an important player in the country armed with the status quo On 3 July 2013 the administration putting forces blow to democratization efforts. persuasions all kinds of free and transparent elections with the participation of political parties in the formation and election results were ignored. Egypt, the army confiscated management, established by means of the interim government placed restrictions on the media, newspapers and television closed, the leaders of the opposition parties were taken into custody and imprisoned elected President of the Republic. 'testimony was given.

peaceful protests in Egypt referred to the description of the squares, said:' The junta-backed interim administration within the framework of universal human rights protests in the order of the security forces on August 14 Continuing the brutal attack on civilians, including women and children have been killed and injured many people. these attacks on civilians in the Middle East will change the destiny of democracy, human rights and the rule of law an illegitimate interference with efforts to institutionalize and lanetlenmelidir. Egypt civilians responsibility for the attack and murder of an enlightened condos and darn. In this context, the birthplace of different civilizations in the history, religion, language, creed, and ethnic pluralism in the world in terms of belonging, which took place in Egypt, the Middle East's most important countries condemn the coup and the junta's attacks on civilians and condemn. conscientious and ethical responsibilities of intellectuals in the world, and in particular within the framework of the public condemnation of the massacre in Egypt, not the legitimacy of the coup against the government to return to democratic order in the country are invited to express their reactions. '

rector of the university who signed the statement include the following:Marmara University, Istanbul University, Istanbul Technical University, Yildiz Technical University, Beykent University, Celal Bayar University, Istanbul Civilization University, Istanbul Technical University, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University, Izmir clerk Celebi University, Agri Ibrahim Chechen University, Muş Alparslan University, BSNL University, Bursa Technical University, Istanbul University, Bezmialem University, Istanbul University, Hacettepe University.

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