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  • 05 Temmuz 2013, Cuma 11:33

University records coincided with the holiday break!

University records coincided with the holiday break!
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Measurement Selection and Placement Center (SSPC), the university brought equal to the density of records feast. Ticket said hard to find for students wanting to change the recording date, the reactions expressed through social media.

Early this year, describing the results of university examination

SSPC, has set back the recording date of the universities. In recent years, enrollments in September this year will take place between 12 to 20 August 2013 inclusive. Eid al-Fitr holiday will begin on Thursday, August and 8. Most of the family summer vacation holiday vacation to visit relatives or tourist resorts of combining with the rest going to choose. Vacation periods, bus and air fares are those who find it too becomes a problem. Students who register in advance bustle launched a campaign on Twitter with # ÖSYMbayramımızehiretme'hashtag'i. University candidates relatives, gave great support to the campaign. The campaign on Twitter has become one of the most widely spoken first 5 topics.

University Merve Karaoğlan candidates, ÖSYM recording date of the change or want to extend the recording time. Karaoğlan,"There is no problem if I win a university in which I reside close to the ground, but far away from my dad's tool, go to the bus, plane, or do I have to win a lot. Already having the stress of recording."He said.

Mustafa Demir said:"The earlier records or would like to postpone the start of recording history. worked all year. we need to do in the resort, the resort also comes from that time. holiday was divided, the whole family will be devastated. Tickets will also find a separate issue. want a revision of this decision."

University records coincided with the holiday break!" comments for.


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