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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:23

Until today , the biggest in Söke Leather Collection Campaign

Until today , the biggest in Söke Leather Collection Campaign
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2 Faculty, in Söke the ongoing construction of the building carried out in order to contribute to the construction of the victims leather collection campaign was a success.

Aydın news: campaign ; District Governor and Recycling Education Foundation ( SÖKEV ) President Mehmet Demirezen by'held in Söke to this day , the greatest victims Leather Donation Campaign'was described as . The statement made 487 pcs 11 thousand 574 Kg campaign . Calf Leather , 2 thousand 524 sheep skin, 294 Pcs Goat Leather collected were noted.
\"Prefect \" FROM YOU \"
Soke District Governor and SÖKEV President Mehmet Demirezen , the victim/leather Thank you to everyone who contributed to the fundraising campaign has had . In a statement Demirezen publications ; \"Our district ongoing construction of 2 of our faculty were donated for . Campaign our participation , allowing Soke behalf of the Municipality , Mayor Suleyman Toyr that'a ( SÖKEV ) Board of Directors and our members , Leather donation campaign in support of the agencies and organizations , task areas, our colleagues , I thank \"gave expression to the place .

Until today , the biggest in Söke Leather Collection Campaign" comments for.


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