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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:30

Untruth of such

Untruth of such
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After Kuşadası district of Aydın operated by the owner of an abandoned street horses had perished from starvation.

Aydın news: Photo desperately helpless in an empty field in İkolukl neighborhood animal Kuşadası Municipality and Aydın Municipality's despite all the interventions kurtarılmazk the animal lovers at the owner of the horse on the grounds that betrayed reacted to M. Named party. Photo obtained information Accordingly, by the owner of the cargo transportation and a variety of jobs executed by the owner of a horse was too ill to leave the street . İkiolukl Quarter horse in empty space in the former Salıpazarı Locality stayed hungry and thirsty for days where the power of the thick cut found collapsed . Horse who is awaiting death in a desperate way local residents and animal lovers , horse blanket covering the status and give them food and water was reported to municipal officials . Rather feeble food given because they are able to walk the animals can not even eat because it is not the case Kuşadası Municipality and Aydin Greater taken from the district municipality teams by working machine with the aid was taken to Kuşadası Municipality Animal Shelter . Determined that for days, hungry and sick horse , despite the intervention of veterinary perished. Photo Cargo and stating that the owners of the animals used as mounts sometimes very disloyal act Aegean Animal Protection Association President Alexander Hunter, in such cases we want to punish the irresponsible pet owners. Hunter, \"Unfortunately, likes using the work our people are animals, good times. This is abandoned in this way when the older animals or business become incapable . We get to know the owner of this animal . Have moved a while wood with this horse. When he's done in animals abandoned to die. Our request to our officials in such cases the animals leaving the implementation of the death penalty a deterrent , \"he said .


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