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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 18:18

Urban Economics Forum was Held

Urban Economics Forum was Held
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Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan,"is made possible by the development of countries in the development of the city.

Ankara news: Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan,"the development of countries of the urban development is possible with. Urbanization in Turkey the figure above the world average. 1965, 34 percent live in cities last year, at the end of this figure to 77 percent reach,"he said.
Urban Economics Forum was held at the Rixos Hotel. 'Design Cities, Urban Economic Forum is part of the event, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan said Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih, AK Party Deputy Chairman spouse, and many politicians, with the participation took place.
Babacan, the urban economy, a very important one of the elements become expressed that said:
"countries develop urban development is possible with. Ankara in the last 11 years, the changes and transformations of any appreciation beyond that, in this Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Melih's immense contribution is great. in the world in 1950, the population of the 29 living in urban areas, so in 2010 to 51 percent arrived in the world today, more than half live in cities. in 2050 that 67 percent is expected to reach. urbanization in Turkey the figure above the world average, 1965 t of the population, 34 percent living in urban areas last year, at the end of this figure to 77 percent was reached."
Ankara for years officers known as the city is the administrative, judicial and legislative departments of the center found here, Babacan in Ankara a commercial and industrial city that feature ever more come forward, he said.
Babacan in Ankara economy, 72 percent of the services, 24.6 percent in industry, 2.9 percent of the agricultural sector to form last year that Ankara exports from 7 billion now, said:said:
"Ankara defense industry, mainly not only in Turkey industry in the world known as a city, Ankara, 10 industrial area, 6 technopark, 19 university has."
Babacan, said continued:
"Central government sources very serious resources to devote began; Ankara's transport projects for. especially metros are now in the period ahead quickly completed you will see that. actually very first to be completed, but legal obstacles, some judicial process, unfortunately delays caused. Ankara in December important lines engaged'll see that. transportation, especially the subway anymore cities must have become.coming period, not only in Ankara but many metropolitan similar support will continue."
Babacan, city economies achieve sustainable development should be sustainable, noting that at this point the financial sustainability of vital importance is emphasized.
projects while putting resources on creating the need to be worked Babacan noted that,"Projects, well-defined and well-resourced identified projects most, if not on paper remains . Commitments met AmAyAbiliyor, it's very very risky situation,"he said.
Turkey's economic model based on private sector noted that the easygoing, state and local government investment to all considering their contribution to economic growth is close to zero, he said.

FREED:"Turkey is the world's 15th largest economy"
Freed the forum in his speech so far, in 80 provinces of the economy business partners to bring together this forum, organized, forum non participatory and democratic activity is expressed as said:
"Turkey is the world's 15th largest economy, Turkey's economic development all over the world shooting and charm become the center has provided. past 11 years, macro-economic stability in the success caught situation. This is a very important development. However, developments in the world teaches us that only the macro-economic balance to be successful a country's economic stability to be permanent is not enough. Inflation, unemployment, government debt ratios well come to a point is good but this is not enough. these achievements micro-level need you to help. Turkey mostly produces better quality producing in the world market, competing high-tech producing and employment that allows Turkey to make're bound to. late Sakip Agha said, such as 'to produce, produce, produce.' We have no choice. Macro economic success of our micro achievements crowning generations."
Freed, energy-related extensive studies, emphasizing the"Integrated energy strategy for're working hard. Turkey's energy to reduce costs, just out of energy, natural gas, oil passes to be a nation, but also alternative and renewable energy through the region's major energy hub return is obliged. This frame our cities great responsibility falls. Kent our potential to uncover what to do if you need to manually unanimously have to do,"he said.

GÖKÇEK:"EXPO WE CANDIDATE wish I could get cut would"
MAG President, the forum during his tenure implement the projects, describing the upcoming local elections, re-election makes the case that projects information on gave. Ankara international trade fairs to make the area tender point stated that the MAG,"Expo we nominated wish we could be certain'd buy it,"he said.
New era, with new projects in Ankara brand the city made stating that the MAG said:
"Ankara in the province all the thermal facilities infrastructure, ie water, sewer, road services free of charge'll take you.'ll see the next five years, thermal mind with future first city Ankara will be. these, the capital's economy will blow. thermal investments wanting to make our doors to anyone clear. Whatever plan and infrastructure will support. Ministry of Spotted the 25 separate locations for thermal will start working. Ankara next 5 years in the thermal, the capital will be."
Religious tourism and faith tourism boom ensures that tells MAG,"History, Science, Ordinances and Miracles of the Quran Museum Ankamall in front of the exchange rate, he said. Museum Universal Studios in the technology used, indicating that MAG, said :"B u in the museum very important film to be made. Thus Ankara least 3 million tourists will come."
Akyurt the Municipality on the airport road which will be held International Fairground preparation of the completion of expressing MAG President, the tender process reached the end of that, in December, I laid a foundation that and after 6 months it would be clear.

Urban Economics Forum was Held" comments for.


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