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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 19:52

Urban Regeneration Studies in Elazığ

Urban Regeneration Studies in Elazığ
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Kazim President of the Chamber of Architects Elazığ Branch Arts, structures built before 2000 , he said the risk .

Elazığ news: Kazim President of the Chamber of Architects Elazığ Branch Arts, structures built before 2000 , he said the risk .
Chamber of Architects Elazig Branch President Kazim Arts, in the description , the 1999 Marmara earthquake , after building regulations be amended so that these changes after the building , particularly after 2005 earthquake , more resistant to trying to reproduce said. After 2005, the building constructed largely of expression that is more resistant to earthquakes Arts, strengthening of buildings constructed before that date or has stressed the need for renewal . Elazig in Turkey and in many parts of the concrete with the structural system was done transferring Arts, \"in this sense with concrete structural system for doing that area a serious change in regulations was . This regulation changes the building's structural system more powerful creation leads . New building regulations as stipulated if there would be earthquake-resistant , more useful and more rantabıl . Perhaps in the past , present building buildings on life may be longer. course, the economic dimension has changed , but necessarily cost reflected ultimately life of the building costs with a balance between the size itself will occur. urban regeneration provided by law or the law target , say by neighborhood , maybe the city on the basis of large-scale studies were . Elazığ laws earthquake resistance in terms of very nice moves we think . So local in the sense that the former earthquake-prone predicted to be most of the buildings torn down and rebuilt done. So that's what you call provided by law, amenities , housing benefit long-term using credits as incentives for building construction therefore due to the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings , leads to the production . Some urban urban transformation alone is not a complete . Building on the basis of the transformation is like an earthquake . We do not support it in many . Within the scope of this law at the neighborhood level to increase green areas we expect to increase our narrow streets . But this did not happen . Local , unitary , is an urban transformation not yet provided them . In the future they also encourage , or they facilitator , their front opener law changes, regulation changes hopefully expect, \"he said.
\" WATER ON THE BUILDING're building \"
buildings in the construction of earthquake resistance structure , rather than the structure of the plot should be measured Arts, stating that , \"For me to be in an area of the building earthquake resistant is not the case . The building itself must be questioned whether or not earthquake resistant . As you know, probably because of the earthquake in Japan , an earthquake is going to do every month . However, according to the new technology resistant structures , is building a new system , they can not be any loss of life and property . This means, talk to Elazig ; Elazig less resistant to earthquakes in a region can not say very durable . This is the case with the ground . Our less safe on the ground floor or foundation reinforcement to strengthen our efforts while making more solid ground in the area you can spend less effort . We have both synchronize to each other . If you do not currently have a misconception known in public . Strengthen the building there can be made . More recent was held in a hotel in the middle of the water . A special hotel in a very very precious . So it can be done for a hotel in the middle of water accumulation in certain areas to ensure the building is not very accurate . We are here when our buildings or our dwelling, such techniques would be better if the culture of life and the right decision . I can say that only the upper scale . New in earthquake-resistant region is not whether a bit of arable land is not agricultural land, destroy our not make any more sloping land our subject we predict that our city flourish in terms of is more important , \"he said .
\" URBAN TRANSFORMATION should invest in \"
Arts, urban regeneration project should be implemented in absolute terms , emphasizing the\"urban transformation law has paved the way for some obstacles . If the majority of the building has decided to renew the minorities are forced her to comply . This is an opportunity for our future , for our children's future we need to evaluate . God forbid any earthquake our people to lose the opportunity and our buildings, renovation work , it's a wreck of a situation to minimize the work , just as fear in us to keep , I guess would be more accurate I think, \"he said .

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