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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 16:29

Urinary Incontinence Problems Affect Psychology

Urinary Incontinence Problems Affect Psychology
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Servergazi State Hospital Gynecologists and Obstetricians Op.

Denizli news: Dr. Semih MA , urinary incontinence problem in society, frequent and the situation of people living physicians rather than resorting to this situation try to live with , said contacts social and psychological areas negatively affects the problem of the treatment , he said .
Urinary incontinence , a disease but a symptom indicating that the Denizli connected to the Association of public Hospitals Dr. Semih MIN, these symptoms usually the harbinger of a dangerous situation , although not adversely affect a person's life , he said. MIN , \"the bladder ( urinary bladder ) two important functions are . Someone urine to store while the other is to eliminate . Urine storage function option in cases where incontinence occurs. These cases is always the bladder caused by the can . Generally our patients , physical activity or stress urinary incontinence , urgency to arrive and suddenly the urine by compressing kidnapping, two cases a mixture of the bladder capacity being exceeded overflow in the form of urinary incontinence types of shows . especially in women laughing, coughing and heavy lifting that arise during the incontinence is quite common is an inconvenience. this often many difficult or women who gave birth in the or for various reasons abdomen at the bottom muscle relaxation of the result is revealed. excess weight in this case a negative contribution exists , \"he said .
\" Urinary incontinence can be treated is a question \"
Op. Dr. Semih MIN, urinary incontinence person's life negatively affect the situation , stressing that , \"Urinary incontinence problem, people living sense of shame, often live , self-confidence is shaken , and even social lives change as they go. Actually troubles in this subject living an obstetrician by contacting their lives negatively get rid of this problem can affect , \"he said .
assessment of urinary incontinence , taken from the patient with detailed information and physical examination , indicating that Op. Dr. MIN , \"Urinary incontinence evaluation of some tests are carried out . Bladder pressure inside the urodynamic by so called measurement, ultrasound or cystographies the special films bladder appears necessary. Underlying other diseases if bulunarak are treated. Urinary incontinence Some causes temporary or recover well all may be . Simple treatments and precautions surgery exterior are methods , but sometimes surgery together is also useful . surgery in situations that require especially for women recently developed a safe and successful techniques and treatment is easily achieved. outside the body stitched a wound quickly, without conclusive methods today are successfully implemented . majority of patients treatment can be completed in one day , \"he said .

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